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Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 2

~ Hub Area: Scarborough Town ~

A relatively small and humble town on the outer regions of the Grandyr Kingdom. This place is well known for their floral festivals and bakery contests, making it a nice place to visit while touring Garduriale for those not interested in larger and flashier cities. Despite its small size, large buses like the ones found in the city are available to take citizens to nearby tourist spots.

Private Residence – In the inner regions of the Grandyr Kingdom where the palace of the royal family resides there are multiple housing complexes for business partners or anyone that can afford them. As part of their protection and hospitality, the Grandyr family have allowed the aliens to live here if they choose to stay in Garduriale with no expenses. This is where the members of the SDP can rest, listen to music, view their collection and talk with their friends.

Zaros Iced – The top-of-the-line fashion company Zaros Iced (owned by the creative yet insufferably conceited clothing designer Iced Mint) has its mark left in many countries, the homeland of the founder being no exception. Despite its high prices and ego, it prides itself on never turning away anyone from their products or services regardless of their background or how they present themselves; even a grimy thug with no shoes is allowed the same as anyone else. This includes the SDP, who are free to browse and purchase any outfits that suit their style.

Supreme Circuit – The worldwide Supreme Circuit is a dream for any professional racer to enter, and cars can be seen rushing and drifting at almost incomprehensible speeds. Even more hectic and controversial is the Special Circuit that is held every few years where racers are given access to additional items that can either hence their own racing prowess or disadvantage the competition. Not afraid to mix things up, the hosts have allowed the SDP to enter, but the cars they drive are the same as everyone else’s and they have to pay just as much.

Suits’ Hangout – Well known amongst the locals is a gang of four Fairies calling themselves the Suits, who are willing to use their magic to help with anything for anyone that’s got enough dosh. The SDP are no exception, especially for their missions, and are willing to cast powerful enchantments that affect the stages they enter, with the cost being one fifth of all the points and money they earn for each of the gang members magic they request. Cuori can make their health automatically regenerate, Picche can make enemies slower and do less damage, Denaro can cover open pits so that the heroes don’t fall in and Bastone can make them move faster and jump higher.

Cat Under The Moon – A popular little tavern that has bands and artists of all genres of music playing each night, with the weekly competition night being held to see who could be the next big hit. Just for fun and if they have the free time, the entire SDP group can head in at night and play as a band using the same name as their official team;
- Mario: Saxophone
- Sonic: Bass
- Mega Man: Guitar
- Finn: Flute (Back-up vocals as well)
- Jake: Drums (Back-up vocals as well)
- Twilight: Singing
- Serata: Roadie?

~ Grandyr Kingdom ~

This capital city is the epicentre of Garduriale and one of the most iconic places in the world, being the setting in many works of fiction both from and outside of the country and frequently claimed as a place to visit at least once in your life. It’s also the home of the most politically powerful ally to the SDP, the Grandyr family themselves.

Urban Escapades – The ins and outs of the city’s public areas are a combination of olden day architecture mixed with modern sensibilities and plenty of secret alleyways; once home to criminal gangs, these hidden hotspots are now night clubs and restaurants with an underground flair.

Grandyr Palace – The inner parts of the kingdom are home to more of the upper crust families and important organizations, including the head government and Grandyr family. Once cut off from the common regions completely, many of the older sites and other buildings are now free for public visitation.

????? ??????? – Their dark secret...

~ Snowy Wonderland ~

To the north of the kingdom city and towns is the snowy region of Neiviric, both very beautiful and very cold. The settlements are few and small but very welcoming and pleasant, even being home to some of the best Palno and Fairy relations. It’s also the current residency of the support member for the SDP, the Fairy Serata Lilibell.

Holiday Festival – In the humble village of Nidasu where Serata lives there is currently a festival going on celebrating the holiday times when family from other regions tend to visit to see their loved ones. Serata’s parents are too busy to travel and see her, but she says that’s okay.

Avalanche Mountain – For those who enjoy the snowy landscape but want something a bit more exhilarating than a small wholesome town, then this big, steep mountain might be your thing. Those who successfully speed down this wild white tower turn from snowboarding snow-bodies into legends that earn the respect of extreme sports pros the world over.

??????? ?????? – What have we here?

~ Faery Verdure ~

To the northeast of the Grandyr Kingdom city is a scenic natural paradise; rolling green hills, large mystical forests and gorgeous bodies of water all inhabited by the most adorable and fascinating fauna and flora on the continent. It’s also where the hidden grove of Fairies where Serata comes from is located, and are home to most secretive communities of Fairies.

Sisters Hills – One of the loveliest places to visit or at least go through on your route to another destination. A large, open green space to let your spirit free, though with the CSM set on ruining as much fun as possible you may need to get really active.

Windmill Valley – Of the few Palno settlements in this region this village houses one of the most interesting attractions, that being the several windmills that have been around for centuries and still continue to work excellently, as do the exuberant yet humble folk that reside there.

???????? ????? – So this is where they are...

~ Forbidden Estate ~

Once the exquisite residence of an important owner of import and export companies who assisted Garduriale during the Magic Wars, she was sentenced for an immediate execution when it was revealed what heinous crimes and experiments she was performing on both enemy and ally soldiers. Due to controversy the estate has been restricted from anyone not from the government or military, but it’s also said to be haunted.

Illusion Mansion – Common Gardu-lno superstition claims that those with great evil in their hearts curse the place where they die, which may explain the strange going-ons in this abandoned mansion; or perhaps it’s just the work of pranksters up to mischief?

Forbidden Crypt – Rumours have it that beneath the mansion is a mausoleum turned laboratory where the infamous war criminal conducted experiments so unethical and horrific that even the CSM would be disgusted; wouldn’t stop them from using the research notes but still.

????-???? – OH GOD WHAT IS THIS

~ Skies Of Adventure ~

With the military airfield not too far from kingdom and being made official allies to Garduriale, the SDP are within their rights to partake in scouring the skies on fast jet planes or experience strange wonders in the sky. Make sure not to look or fall down though, as neither of those would be pleasurable, but for very different reasons.

Weather Control Project – An ongoing experiment and program that seeks to not only better understand and predict weather patterns, but also find out if it can actually be manipulated. This large set of constantly airborne platforms is truly a scientific marvel, but if things go wrong...

Floating Tower Of Milk – Legend has it that somewhere hidden in the clouds is a mysterious floating tower that was the home and study of an iconic Palno wizard known as Milk that spread happiness and magical teachings to many lands, and is one of Serata’s biggest inspirations.

??? ?????????? ???? – Going all out.

The second part of the area and stage descriptions for my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party, specifically focusing on the places you’ll be in Garduriale. As I said previously, I gave the hub areas other locations within them to make them feel more alive, and all three hubs have: a temporary home area that’s meant to be where the heroes are staying; a store of some sort where items can be purchased (the Shopping District in the main menu will still be there for quick access though); a mini-game area that has a tournament that you have to pay to enter, and upon winning you’ll get awarded; a miscellaneous area that has something to do with stage gameplay, money or items; and finally a place that’s just for fun. It’s just a way to break up the otherwise hectic pace of the gameplay within stages. 

None of those areas will really appear in the story mode with the exception of the home areas, as most of the major events occur at the stages that the SDP will go through. Up next are the areas and stages found in Paorqevu, with some visits to Sihramel and Lonzeno-o. Take care everybody  

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 
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