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Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 1

~ Dream Playground ~

A mysterious realm that the heroes find themselves in during the dream they had before coming to Arcobaln. Composed almost entirely out of white geometric shapes and structures within a large empty space, gravity is inconsistent and the landscape is constantly shifting its form. This is the tutorial stage for Super Dream Party that players can choose to play or not upon first starting Adventure or Classic mode with any character, and for each character they will be in a different layout best suited to their abilities with symbols appearing to give them hints on how to proceed through this strange place. Despite appearing here in the dreams of the heroes, Serata says she doesn’t know anything about it.

~ Hub Area: Bismuth District ~

Here it is, the hustle and bustle hotspot of Asterlagin’s most iconic metropolis known as Stardust City! Here you’ll find many sights, attractions and exuberant fans of the alien heroes (as well as some people who aren’t as enthused of their presence, but who cares about them), as well as some industries and organization office buildings that can all be accessed with the underground subway system.

Stone Wave Hotel – While there are new policies that require any of the beings from the other dimensions to be given adequate living conditions and protection from any harm, neither the Asterlagin government nor Mayor Calfon have to provide any of them anything extravagant. Hence why most of the aliens end up being moved into this place, which while decent enough to live in has the disadvantage of being owned by the Root Zelvir, the most unpleasant citizen in Bismuth District. This is where the members of the SDP can rest, listen to music, view their collection and talk with their friends.

Spider’s Records – Because of the advances in technology and the internet, CD, video and even DVD stores like this are now uncommon, and their cheaper and more readily accessible competition makes a living for their owners tough. Thankfully for Spider, a guy who’s getting old but still keeping his style, he has enough devoted customers and a unique charm that can get him through at least a couple more years. The SDP can purchase music CDs and movies here.

Plat-Dunk Stadium – A craze that’s arisen in the past few years and inspired by carnival games is the outrageous sport known as Plat-Dunk; with a rope attached to them for safety, two players on opposite sides of a court standing at the top platform of three attempt to successfully hit a moving target with a limitless number of rubber balls, which will cause the platform beneath the player to drop, and who ever drops their opponent off all three platforms wins. For a small entry fee the SDP members can play as well; give ‘em all the game you got heroes!

Alley Bets – The SDP have a lot of duties and challenges to tackle, and some Palnos who aren’t particularly concerned with their ultimate fates but still interested have taken to placing bets on what will happen to the members while on their missions. The SDP themselves can partake in these bets themselves not just to prove they can take on any challenge but also to win money and perhaps even some items.

Manakin Park – Once a humble park near a pond full of ducks, its image changed a lot roughly two decades and a half ago when two rival gangs tried to show each other up as being the coolest by performing their best dances and poses. Ever since then the park is used by many who hope to seek street popularity by pulling off the most impressive moves. The SDP are free to strut their stuff here as well and show these kids how they do it in their world.

~ Stardust City ~

While not the capital of Asterlagin’s (a mistake even Palnos sometimes make) Stardust City is easily it’s most popular and well-known destination. Said to be a place of lights, glimmer, glory and dreams, or an overcrowded nightmare full of rude people and street crime, you’re behind to have some kind of an eventful time here. With a place as prolific and teeming with people and resources, it’s also a likely target for the CSM, so the SDP are going to have to scour through every street, Skyscraper and tourist attraction to make sure no evil threatens the good people.

Neon Highway – The biggest highway network in Stardust City is known for having a high speed limit, with cars and other automobiles going so fast they almost look like streaks of light, provided there’s no dreaded traffic jams.

Street Parade – In celebration of the day of Asterlagin’s independence the streets of the city become littered with extravagant floats and many exciting shows. It’s also a good place for the minions of the CSM to hide in and get up to no good, so keep a look out!

????-???? ?????? – Uh oh, we’ve got trouble!

~ Jewelled Sea ~

On the coast closest to Stardust City is the majestic Jewelled Sea, Renowned for it’s beauty at the rise and fall of the sun over the horizon. Undoubtedly the biggest and most popular natural site to see in Asterlagin, from the sand to the surf, you’ll see many people having themselves a good vacation here. But what else could be lurking in the vast water?

Whale Coast – It’s rare to not see anyone here unless it’s really dark, and even you’ll see this gorgeous beach with plenty of party goers. A relaxing and fun place, but that won’t stop the CSM from trying to ruin everyone’s fun.

Marine Floor – At the bottom of the sea there’s almost a whole different world, with unique species of fish and other sea life swimming amongst large coral reefs and the remains of old wooden ships and what appear to be ruins of some kind.

??? ????????? – Sneaky, but we can do it better!

~ Bronze Industries ~

One of the largest manufacturing companies in Asterlagin, started and owned by the genius inventor Mineral Metanker and the exporter of many machines and appliances of all kinds. Always hungry for resources, the CSM are bound to go after this place, so it’s up to the SDP to make sure they don’t make off with any machinery for use in their schemes.

Production Plant – The main sector of the industries where you’ll find many different devices and other items be made from their start as basic materials right through to their completed states to be made for public use.

E.M. Scrapyard – While plenty of stuff from the industries are prime condition for sale, the machines or other ideas that are a miss and leftover material end up going to this facility that uses powerful electromagnetic compactors to crush the scraps into tightly packed cubes.

????? ??????? ???? – Time to put these to good use.

~ Freubun Park ~

The whimsical and wonderful land of Freubun Park is overloaded with all sorts of entertainment and eccentricity, not unlike the founder of the theme park. With all these attractions and sites to see, it could be easy to get distracted and miss out on important happenings such as the actions of the bad guys, so stay focused SDP!

Lucky Signs – One of the few places that’s exclusively for adults (not Freubun’s decision mind you), there are rows upon rows of gambling machines and venues. Freubun isn’t actually sure if some members of the SDP are actually of legal age to enter, but if it’s to stomp out uninvited attendees then they’re getting a free pass.

Zoom Carnival – For all the thrill seekers from this world and the next couple of worlds, this place has all you need from roller coasters to spinning gondolas with only the absolutely required safety measures implemented. The restaurants and bars are close by, but Freubun recommends you head there after your fun, he doesn’t like clean-up.

???????? ?????? ? ????? ?????? ???? – You aren’t getting away that easily.

~ Infinitum Station ~

Accessible through the Asterlagin branch centre of CNISI is a space shuttle leading straight to expansive Infinitum Space Station, perpetually orbiting the planet and not only doing valuable research on the surface, but also testing new materials and inventions in the depths of space. It has the potential to provide great benefits to all Palnos and even the real aliens, but it also has devastating power if put into the wrong hands.

Orbit Garden – One of the most unique ongoing experiments is the Orbit Garden, a large field within a dome housing several spheres of many different sizes and composed of a variety of materials that are meant to resemble planets. These artificial planetoids are placed under many different conditions to see how they react and shape materials attached to them; one major end goal for this being to see if there are any other planets that could be inhabited by life.

Experimental Testing Labs – This set of laboratory areas is dedicated to testing out new materials and devices and using materials gathered from outside of Arcobaln. It’s definitely fascinating to see in action, but becoming part of the tests themselves is not within the best interest of the SDP.

???? ????? – Their final plan.

The first part of the area and stage descriptions for my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party, specifically focusing on the places you’ll be in Asterlagin (and the tutorial stage). First off I’d like to say that I feel bad that this came out so late and that I’ve taken to cutting a lot of corners, namely in that the actual stage elements that each character will come up against isn’t explained. I do actually have a good explanation for that, as I’ve decided that the gameplay within the stage will be described during the story mode, as will the boss fights. This is probably for the best as some stages are actually pretty plot significant and describing them in greater detail would include spoilers, hence why all the zones have one stage that has its name blocked out and given only an incredibly vague sentence. This probably would have been posted sooner, but I decided that I wanted each hub world to have more than just entrances to the stages and other hub worlds; having their own areas helps the world feel more alive and meaningful. 

Worth mentioning that the stage descriptions were done on the train using a Galaxy Tab, which tends to make automatic suggestions that aren’t always helpful in writing. So if there’s anything that doesn’t seem to make sense, please let me know. Up next are the areas and stages found in Garduriale. Take care everybody ♥ 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 
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