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Super Dream Party: Finn The Human & Jake The Dog

~ Summary ~

Finn and Jake’s gameplay is another of the combat-oriented gameplays in Super Dream Party. Their stages consist of facing off against many treacherous foes in addition to large areas where the duo must travel by climbing up walls and swinging off obstacles. Finn and Jake are a very formidable team, but they aren’t perfect. The downsides come mainly in Finn’s low jumping ability and Jake’s rather cumbersome movements; they both have to careful when fighting as they can dish out the dirt, but don’t fair too well in taking it. Finn doesn’t have any natural projectiles and has to rely on either Jake’s stretchy powers or sub-weapons that have limited ammunition. Finn more than makes up for these shortcomings with his amazing power and speed as he can easily shred enemies to pieces with his new sword named W.D.B. (White Deer Boy). Jake makes up for his slow movements by acting as both a good offense and defence for Finn, making use of his stretchy powers to grab enemies and objects from afar and throwing them around. Finn and Jake rely mainly on their ability more than anything else, which is more than enough for these young yet battle-hardened warriors to defeat the forces of the CSM.

~ Controls ~

L Stick – Movement
R Stick – Change camera angle
B Button – Jump
Y Button – Slash / Kung-Fu
A Button – Stretch
X Button – Sub Weapon
L/R Button – Select Sub-Weapon
ZR Button – Crouch
ZL Button – Support
(-) Button – Unequip/Equip Sword
(+) Button – Pause
D-Pad – Pose

~ Moves ~

Movement – Tilting the L Stick lightly in any direction will make Finn walk slowly in that direction, while having it fully tilted will make Finn run in that direction. In Enchanted Mode Finn will run faster, and the speed is the same regardless whether he has his sword equipped or not.

Jump – Just a regular jump by pressing B, with the L Stick being used to influence his movement in mid-air. When Finn jumps on an enemy he will simply bounce off their head (momentarily stunning them) and can jump off of it for extra height; of course he’ll still get damaged if the head is armed. In Enchanted Mode Finn gains more distance and height, and if B is pressed while near an enemy in mid-air Finn will grab them and kick them to the ground while jumping off into the air.

Dive Kick – Pressing ZR while in mid-air will make Finn briefly stop all momentum in mid-air before diagonally rushing downwards with a kick; enemies in the air that are hit by this will be brought straight to the ground. The Enchanted version is faster and has Finn surf the enemy on the ground for a short distance.

Slash/Kung-Fu – Finn’s main method of attack done by pressing Y, which can be pressed repeatedly to continuously attack even while moving, crouching or in mid-air. Finn will either swing his sword in front of him, which is a slightly slower method of attack but is stronger and has more range, or will punch and kick which isn’t as strong and is more short-ranged but is much faster. In Enchanted Mode his attacks become blindingly fast and can even reflect projectiles.

Spin Slash/Suplex – After passing a certain point in the Story Mode Finn will gain access to a powerful attack that can be done by holding Y and then releasing when his stance changes. With the sword out Finn will do a full spin with his sword stretched out, hitting everything around him; while unarmed Finn will dash a short distance forward and upon making contact with an enemy will grab them and slam them into the ground, which can instantly defeat almost any enemy. In Enchanted Mode Finn spins around two more times and has more range on his Spin Slash, and his Suplex has him quickly rush to the nearest enemy and jump high into the air before slamming them to the ground (which also damages any enemy they land on).

Stretch – Jake uses his stretchy powers to shoot his arm forward and grab onto anything he finds by pressing A. This is used for a variety of purposes, not just in combat but also in adventuring through terrain as it can grab onto objects that Jake can swing from. The Enchanted version just has Jake shoot his hand faster and further.

Swing Around –After grabbing onto an immobile object like a bar or a tree branch Jake can swing him and Finn around using the L Stick. Pressing Y or X while in a swinging position will make Finn attack, pressing B will shorten Jake’s length and pressing ZR will extend his length. In Enchanted Mode Finn will just move faster.

Reel In – Jake can quickly reel in an enemy he’s grabbed onto towards him and Finn by pressing Y. In Enchanted Mode Finn will headbutt the enemy and stun them after he’s reeled them towards him.

Rush – Finn and Jake can quickly rush forward towards an enemy that Jake has grabbed onto by pressing B. In Enchanted Mode Finn will grab the enemy and hold them out in front of him while running, using them as a shield and battering ram after he’s rushed towards them.

Let Go – While Jake has grabbed onto an enemy he can let go of them at any time by pressing A again. When Finn and Jake are swinging off immobile objects they can press either A to let go and use the momentum from the swing to carry them forward.

Sub Weapon – Pressing X will make Finn use a sub weapon that he has found to attack enemies. Pressing R or L will make him switch between sub weapons. All sub weapons require ammo to use.

Crouch – Pressing ZR will make Finn duck to avoid attacks and moving the L Stick while crouching will make Finn crawl, allowing him to fit under small spaces, take cover behind objects and avoid dangers. In Enchanted Mode Finn has faster crawling speed.

Action Roll – Pressing B while crouching will make Finn do an evasive roll in any direction which can be used to avoid enemy attacks or close the distance between Finn and his foes. In Enchanted Mode Finn will be invincible while rolling.

Jake Shield – Holding A while crouching will make Jake transform into a protective barrier around Finn, allowing him to not take damage from enemy attacks; Jake has his limits however, and if he takes too much damage Finn will be broken out of his guard and momentarily stunned, and won’t be able to use Jake for any of his moves for a short amount of time. In Enchanted Mode Jake eats any projectiles that him which heals the duo, and stuns enemies that try to physically hit him.

Para-Jake – Holding B while in the air will make Jake transform himself into a parachute and allow Finn to slow down the descent of his fall and cover more area. It can also be used to ride air currents. In Enchanted Mode Jake becomes a hang glider that covers more distance.

Wall Climb – Pressing B while near a wall will make Finn grab onto it, and the L Stick can move him in any direction while climbing. Pressing B while on the wall will make him jump off, pressing Y or X will make him attack in any direction the L Stick is held, pressing A will make Jake stretch out in a direction and grab the wall and then pull Finn to wherever he is and pressing ZR will put him in the position used to swing around. In Enchanted Mode Finn just moves faster.

Unequip/Equip Sword – Pressing the (-) button will make Finn either put his sword away (which is equipped by default), or bring it back out if it’s already been unequipped. Having his sword unequipped will allow Finn to move faster, but at the cost of power and range in his attacks.

Pose – Press the D-Pad in any of the four directions to pull off a stylish pose; it doesn’t really do much, but it does keep the Combo Counter going. What Finn and Jake do is not only dependant on the button, but also what they’re wearing, so try out a range of outfits to see all the ways they can strut their stuff!

Grabby Hands – An automatic effect that Finn has while in Enchanted Mode, this makes Jake automatically pick up nearby pick-ups and items.

Currency: Treasure

Health System: 5 hearts that signify health; a normal enemy attack will take off one half, and attacks from minor grunts will only take a quarter.

Sub-Weapon System: Individual ammunition for each sub-weapon indicated by a number.

~ Pick-Ups ~

Food – Assorted food items will give Finn some health back.

Super Sandwich – This awesome sandwich will give Finn a large amount of health back.

Ammo Ooze – This unusual substance can seem to take the form of many different materials. Finn and Jake disregard the great scientific breakthroughs this could lead to and instead use it to make ammo for their sub-weapons. These come in small and large quantities.

Soul Gem – A mysterious gem that can seem to replicate life. It gives Finn and Jake and extra life.

Snail - A happy waving snail that seems to appear everywhere. Collecting this friendly little guy will simply give you bonus points, and he is hidden somewhere in every stage.

~ Sub-Weapons ~

Crossbow – A standard crossbow that fires regular arrows which go fairly fast and have average attack power and firing rate. Boring, but practical and holds a decent amount of ammo. The Enchanted version fires three arrows in a spread.

Smoke Bomb – A small bomb that makes a large puff of smoke upon impact, which can be used to obscure enemy vision and also act as a place for Finn and Jake to hide so they can get in close and pull a sneak attack. Only a relatively small number of these can be carried. The Enchanted version throws two bombs at once in a spread.

Explosive Gauntlet – A steampunk gauntlet that shoots small bombs from the knuckles that explode on contact and deal heavy damage. Only a maximum of 5 bombs can be stored in the gauntlet at once. The Enchanted version has Finn shoot out all the bombs he’s carrying at once.

Frozen Blades – An ancient scroll depicting incantations for ice magic spells that allows Finn to create small knives of ice from the moisture in the air (or that’s what Finn and Jake think at least), these can be thrown one after the other at a fast rate, but aren’t all that powerful. Charging the weapon will make Finn create an 8-pronged star made entirely out of ice that can rip through multiple enemies at once. Finn and Jake can hold a fairly large number of these. The Enchanted version throws twice as many knives with each use, and throws two charged stars in quick succession.

Flute Song – Finn plays a mystic flute of strange power that summons spirits that resemble music notes with eyes and a content smile (not overly happy for any particular reason, just feeling fine) that home in on enemies and tell them their allies are talking mean stuff about them behind their back, enraging them and causing them to turn on one another. Finn can only play the flute while chewing on highly dense seeds, which he can only carry a small number of. The Enchanted version summons three spirits that follow Finn until he can find an enemy.

Butterfly – A rare butterfly that Finn says he might recall as being from his home world; only one can be carried at a time, and upon releasing will slowly fly about in an unpredictable pattern before continuing to fly around in a circle afterwards. It appears to be useless, until it touches an enemy at which they are instantly destroyed, and will continue to do this with any enemy no matter how strong. This is one of the few things that Serata isn’t able to amplify the effects of, though she admits that she doesn’t really want to for some reason.

BMO – Finn and Jake’s favourite little friend that tags along with the duo because they couldn’t resist their adorable request to help out. BMO helps out by doing a dance and singing an upbeat and catchy song, distracting enemies that are tempted to join in. Serata can’t use her enchantment on them either, but in this case because she feels that the intended effect is good enough as it is.

~ Stage Elements ~

Water – Finn and Jake will sink to the bottom of the water, and can hold their breath for a fairly good amount of time, but once they run out of oxygen their hit points will start decreasing; getting out of the water will replenish any hit points they lost underwater. Holding B will make them rise to the surface while still being able to move freely. In Enchanted Mode Serata will provide them with unlimited oxygen.

Grave of Heroes – Touching this initially empty grave will create the future corpses of Finn and Jake (which aren’t seen thankfully), and when the duo lose a life the corpses will attain life themselves and pick up from where they left off from where the grave is. It will also give them two more hearts back if they’ve lost any.

Lever – The switches that Finn and Jake can occasionally find take the form of levers that can be pulled either by Finn by pressing Y while near them or Jake by pressing A while facing them; some puzzles require them to pull both at the same time, so lining them up so that both switches are in the same direction they’re facing is a good idea.

Currents – Some stages will have sources of wind that Finn and Jake can ride on using Jake’s parachute form.

Horizontal Objects – Objects such as steel beams or tree branches can be swung on by making Jake stretch to them and putting them into the swinging position.

Cutting Objects – Some objects can be cut by Finn’s sword; not only can this be done to clear pathways, but some objects have elasticity, which may affect other parts of the area as well upon cutting.

Large Objects – Some large structures and objects can be moved either by Jake’s stretching or Finn’ Suplex; though only for a short distance, it can significantly affect the environment, either by creating new pathways or destroying obstacles.

Sword Placement Hole – A large dome-shaped object found at the end of each stage that Finn must stick his sword into, thereby creating a beam of light to signify that he has finished the stage.

This is the revised version for Finn and Jake’s gameplay information in my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party. Much like Mega Man, they’re gameplay changes were mostly on removing a load of unnecessary pick-ups, techniques, sub-weapons (the main focus was supposed to be on melee combat after all) and the Giant Jake sections, and his health system is changed to one like the Legend of Zelda games.

As for Finn’s new sword W.D.B., I decided to write that in due to the fact that Adventure Time constantly has Finn losing whatever sword he has, and rather than risk having this more dated than it already is I decided to include an original sword; the name is based on Irish mythology, with Finn’s possible namesake being the legendary hunter-warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaill (transcribed in English as literally Finn MacCool/MacCoul/McCool/McCoul etc.) and his childhood name being Deimne, a name that could refer to a young male deer, and Fionn gaining his new name after his hair turned prematurely white (Fionn means blond, fair, white or bright). 

Honest criticism and suggestions for improvement are encouraged. Up next is the pony princess Twilight’s gameplay info. Take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 

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