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Street Fighter V X Fighting EX Layer
~ Street Fighter V   X   Fighting EX Layer ~
Ryu/Evil Ryu Vs Hokuto/Shirase
Ken Masters Vs Allen Snider
Birdie Vs Exodus
Sagat Vs Kairi
Cody Vs Cracker Jack
Abigail Vs Zako Trio
Chun-Li Vs Lan Yinghua
Guile Vs Ace
Zangief Vs Darun Mister
Dhalsim Vs Jig Jid Bartol
Blanka Vs Cappricio
Cammy Vs Sharon
Balrog Vs Joe Fendi
Vega Vs Shang Fenghuang
M. Bison Vs Vold Ignito
Akuma Vs Garuda
Charlie Nash Vs Preston Ajax
Sakura Vs Tetsuo Kato
Karin Vs Area
Rainbow Mika Vs Hayate
Alex Vs Clemence Keliber
Ibuki Vs Nanase
Urien Vs Vulcano Rosso
Juri Vs Hong Gillson
Rashid Vs Skullomania
Laura Vs George Jensent
F.A.N.G. Vs Doctrine Dark
Necalli Vs G-O-T-U: S-E-T-A-K (Guardians Of The Underworld: Shark, Eagle, Tiger And Knight)  
Kolin Vs Blair Dame
Ed Vs Shadowgeist
Menat Vs Pullum Purna
Zeku Vs Sessyu Tsukikage
Falke Vs Janis Luciani
G Vs Cycloid Beta and Gamma
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Super Dream Party: Enemies
Super Dream Party: Enemies
A villainous mastermind is never without their minions, and with a dubious team of five there will no doubt be many minions that the heroes of the SDP will have to face against. Fortunately for the good guys and Arcobaln, the bad guys are limited in some ways either due to a lack of resources, lack of loyal minions or just not enough minions coming through to Arcobaln with them. Even still, the evil craftiness of the supervillains will pose a great challenge. Listed below are the majority of mooks that will appear in Super Dream Party; there are still other baddies and team-ups that have yet to be revealed.
~ Bowser’s Forces ~
The King of Koopas is infamous in his world for being able to recruit all kinds of species to join his menacing army and create many mad machines. Though a vast number of soldier types are missing in his current situation, Bowser will make best with what he’s got. No matter how mean their boss can be, the loyalty of his mini
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Super Dream Party Gameplay: Support
Super Dream Party: Support Gameplay
The Super Dream Party aren’t alone in their efforts to help the world of Arcobaln, as one of their many allies will be around to help them in almost every stage in their story! Allies will follow the playable hero around in the stage and automatically attack enemies in their range. However, they can still take damage as well, and after a certain amount of hits will be temporarily knocked out before appearing by the hero’s side again. By holding the ZL button and then either Y, X, A or L, the supporting character will use one of their unique abilities, categorised as:
Y – Offensive ability that’s usually directed at enemies
X – Some sort of temporary enhancement for the hero
A – Defensive ability that provides some space for the hero if their overwhelmed by enemies
L – Movement type ability that can help the hero traverse the stage
These abilities have cooldowns after use however, some longer than others depen
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Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 3
Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 3
~ Hub Area: Research Base ~
Located near the Kultn Rainforest in Paorqevu is the research base for CNISI that mainly focuses on environmental subjects, but also deals with energy-related experiments and research as well. Because a significant amount of the resources and staff also come from Sihramel and Lonzeno there are private airports nearby with cargo and passenger planes going there as well.
Home Rooms – When they aren’t being tested in order to better understand how their species and worlds work, the heroes and other aliens are given their own rooms to settle in with everything CNISI can provide to make them feel comfortable. This is where the members of the SDP can rest, listen to music, view their collection and talk with their friends.
Mosaic – One of the few iconic places in the small town near the base is a store that sells artwork of all kinds from many different types of artists; it helps that they’re in co
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Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 2
Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 2
~ Hub Area: Scarborough Town ~
A relatively small and humble town on the outer regions of the Grandyr Kingdom. This place is well known for their floral festivals and bakery contests, making it a nice place to visit while touring Garduriale for those not interested in larger and flashier cities. Despite its small size, large buses like the ones found in the city are available to take citizens to nearby tourist spots.
Private Residence – In the inner regions of the Grandyr Kingdom where the palace of the royal family resides there are multiple housing complexes for business partners or anyone that can afford them. As part of their protection and hospitality, the Grandyr family have allowed the aliens to live here if they choose to stay in Garduriale with no expenses. This is where the members of the SDP can rest, listen to music, view their collection and talk with their friends.
Zaros Iced – The top-of-the-line fashion company Zaro
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Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 1
Super Dream Party: Zones and Stages Part 1
~ Dream Playground ~
A mysterious realm that the heroes find themselves in during the dream they had before coming to Arcobaln. Composed almost entirely out of white geometric shapes and structures within a large empty space, gravity is inconsistent and the landscape is constantly shifting its form. This is the tutorial stage for Super Dream Party that players can choose to play or not upon first starting Adventure or Classic mode with any character, and for each character they will be in a different layout best suited to their abilities with symbols appearing to give them hints on how to proceed through this strange place. Despite appearing here in the dreams of the heroes, Serata says she doesn’t know anything about it.
~ Hub Area: Bismuth District ~
Here it is, the hustle and bustle hotspot of Asterlagin’s most iconic metropolis known as Stardust City! Here you’ll find many sights, attractions and exuberant fans of the ali
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Super Dream Party Gameplay: Twilight Sparkle
Super Dream Party: Twilight Sparkle
~ Summary ~
Twilight’s gameplay is all about making the best use of her Alicorn abilities. Her stages involve many enemies to take out with her magic, a lot of bottomless pit areas where she must take advantage of her flight abilities and being the brainiac she also encounters certain puzzles that test her wit and magical abilities. What she lacks in stamina, strength, speed or athleticism in general, she makes up with her incredible magical powers, the ability to fly without having to use power-ups and being very intelligent. The pony princess has a wide range of practical spells to use for offensive and movement purposes, and can also fuse her spirit with that of her friends allowing her to use new abilities. While her flying ability is not nearly as good as most Pegasi, she’s on the right track and it is still an ability that is enviable by most other adventurers. Twilight Sparkle is no ordinary princess; her extraordinary spells and p
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Super Dream Party Gameplay: Finn and Jake
Super Dream Party: Finn The Human & Jake The Dog
~ Summary ~
Finn and Jake’s gameplay is another of the combat-oriented gameplays in Super Dream Party. Their stages consist of facing off against many treacherous foes in addition to large areas where the duo must travel by climbing up walls and swinging off obstacles. Finn and Jake are a very formidable team, but they aren’t perfect. The downsides come mainly in Finn’s low jumping ability and Jake’s rather cumbersome movements; they both have to careful when fighting as they can dish out the dirt, but don’t fair too well in taking it. Finn doesn’t have any natural projectiles and has to rely on either Jake’s stretchy powers or sub-weapons that have limited ammunition. Finn more than makes up for these shortcomings with his amazing power and speed as he can easily shred enemies to pieces with his new sword named W.D.B. (White Deer Boy). Jake makes up for his slow movements by acting as both a goo
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Super Dream Party Gameplay: Mega Man
Super Dream Party: Mega Man
~ Summary ~
Mega Man’s gameplay is one of the more combat-oriented of the Super Dream Party. His stages are filled with many traps and platforming areas littered with various deadly foes with their own tricks and attacks. At the end of every stage Mega Man will fight a mighty Robot Master, each with their own sets of tricks, attacks and strategies. Mega Man’s expertise is in projectile-based combat, and as such he has one of the easiest times taking down enemies not just because of his powerful weapons but also due to being able to take a lot of pain and adapting pretty easily to environments like underwater areas. On the downside, he isn’t very fast and his jumping ability is the worst out of the heroes, relying on his robot companion Rush to give him a height boost. In addition to his powerful Mega Buster, Mega Man can also copy the weapon of any robot master he defeats to add to his mighty arsenal. Mega Man is a robot that never backs do
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Super Dream Party Gameplay: Sonic
Super Dream Party: Sonic The Hedgehog
~ Summary ~
Sonic’s gameplay is all about speed, and he’ll definitely be covering more area at a time than any other member of the Super Dream Party. His stages are the largest in size to accommodate for his great speed, and they are also the craziest with their loop-de-loops, corkscrews and wild chase scenes. Sonic is said to be the fastest being alive, and that may not just be a myth. He lives up to his name by absolutely blazing through any area, and is also pretty strong. Due to his habit of running fast, Sonic doesn’t always have the best handling and his brakes are a bit slow; also he is not a very good swimmer. In addition to rolling into a ball and boosting off, he is capable of manoeuvring himself in mid-air to give him a boost of speed and to rush at his foes. Sonic can also harness the power of elemental shields and the power of the many rings he collects (which he’ll need to save himself from instant defeat). A l
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Super Dream Party Gameplay: Mario
Super Dream Party: Mario
~ Summary ~
Mario’s gameplay is by far the simplest out of all the heroes in the Super Dream Party. His stages consist of mainly regular platforming and obstacles, not much of which his allies won’t experience. What Mario excels at is being good in many standard attributes; his power, speed, agility and swimming ability are great, and his stamina is pretty decent as well. What separates him from the other heroes is that he has the best natural jumping ability, and he can perform many acrobatic manoeuvres such as jumping off walls and increasing the height of his jumps with ease. Mario can also acquire new abilities through certain items that power him up and make him an even more versatile fighter. What Mario has most of all is the most experience, regardless of what enemies he must face or challenges that come at him, he can always find a way to persevere and outmanoeuvre any danger.
~ Controls ~
L Stick – Movement
R Stick – Change came
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Super Dream Party: Modes and Gameplay
Super Dream Party: Modes and Gameplay
~ Game Modes ~
Story Mode – In Story Mode, you choose from the 5 different storylines of each character (in one storyline though it is two characters teamed up). Once you’ve selected your character, you’ll experience cutscenes from their point of view and travel through the world of Arcobaln to different stages that advance the plot. In the second part of each character’s story you will be able to choose which order of stages you wish to go to, but there won’t be any significant difference in the story and the ending will always be the same. The Story Mode versions of stages have certain differences (albeit mostly minor) that aren’t found in their regular versions. After all 5 storylines have been completed, the Final Story will be unlocked where everything will come full circle. Go! Super Dream Party! Discover the truth and save the worlds from evil!
Adventure Mode – In this mode, you first select a charac
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OC Profile: Saiidi Qayimas
~ Saiidi Qayimas ~
Other Names/Nicknames: SAI-QA (stage name he chose for himself)
Gender: Male
Race: Palno
Age: 39, Palno equivalent to the human age of 26
Place of Birth: Tessellation Capital, Sihramel
Appearance: - Dim grey skin
- Medium length dark brown hair that’s slicked back at near the bottom
- Eye colour is amber
- Short beard the same colour as his hair
- Necklace depicting a majestic bird given to him on his 20th birthday
- Horn-ears curve inwards slightly at start and continue in a serpent-like pattern
- Average build
- Usually seen wearing shirts with band names and logos on them and shorts, though sometimes he wears baggy pants and a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up
Occupation: Currently unemployed, spends most of his time travelling and exploring; trying to get a job as a DJ
History: The Qayimas family comes from a lineage once known as the Masharri family, who from ancient to feudal times where well known throughout Sihramel and its connected lands as traders an
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OC Profile: Sincel Naefim
~ Sincel Naefim ~
Other Names/Nicknames: None
Gender: Female
Race: Fairy
Age: 103, Fairy equivalent to the human age of 59
Place of Birth: Fiverose, Eastern region of Garduriale
Appearance: - Main fur colour is sangria red
- Furry chest to neck area is daffodil yellow
- Eye colour is teal
- Wing pattern has an overall colour scheme of a clear pond with green colours similar to lily pads near the top and colours of a water lily flower the bottom
- Mostly seen wearing formal robes and glasses with a neck cord made of beads
Occupation: Head Master of Naefim’s Academy of Magic and Sciences
History: Sincel was a very different person in her youth to who she is now. She saw her great aptitude and ability for magic as a way to get whatever she wanted with no one to stop her. Apart from several run-ins with enforcers in her land, she was also constantly getting chewed out by her parents for causing chaos. At first she didn’t care at all for any consequences, up until the point wher
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OC Profile: Tea Zyai-Han
~ Tea Zyai-Han ~
Other Names/Nicknames: Her Benevolence (used by people who think highly of her)
Gender: Female
Race: Palno
Age: 86, Palno equivalent to the human age of close to 57
Place of Birth: Blossom Metropolis, Lonzeno-o
Appearance: - Gainsboro grey skin
- Long raven black hair that reaches down to waist, with two long locks flowing onto the shoulders; sometimes her hair is done up in a bun
- Eye colour is gold
- Serpentine mark on the underside of her mouth, as is common in the Zyai-Han bloodline
- Horn-ears go straight before branching off in two, with jade tassels hanging from them
- Tall build
- Either seen wearing formal suits and pants or beautiful dresses fit for royalty most of the time
Occupation: Empress of Lonzeno-o
History: Tea knew from a young age that there would be a lot expected from her, being the sole heir to the Zyai-Han bloodline that would govern all of Lonzeno-o. Her parents rarely allowed her to associate with anyone but her family and servants, and was e
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OC Profile: Kvass Ostav
~ Kvass Ostav ~
Other Names/Nicknames: One that his wife used to call him that he won’t let anyone else know
Gender: Male
Race: Palno
Age: 96, Palno equivalent to the human age of 64
Place of Birth: Ancrstof, Western region of Xycrynn
Appearance: - Graphite grey skin
- Short brown hair with greying areas
- Eye colour is dark brown
- Sharp angular ridges on end of cheekbones
- Horn-ears go straight with the ends splitting in three
- Slightly big build
- Only ever seen wearing professional attire
Occupation: Curator of the Mark-Stone Museum
History: Of the two twin brothers in the Ostav household, Kvass was always the calmer and collected one while his brother Chifir was more adventurous and spontaneous. While Chifir would take any opportunity he could as a child to wonder off and explore on his own, Kvass stayed around libraries and anywhere that had a good amount of literature. The truth was that both of them found their regular life mundane and easily became bored of their daily
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It's About Having Fun~ by Lopoddity It's About Having Fun~ :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 5,861 506 marreeps owes me five bucks by marreeps marreeps owes me five bucks :iconmarreeps:marreeps 1,494 42
Apple Quest Monsters DX
My first physical book release, over 100 pages containing 85 monsters, a map, photos and more!
Will release on the 15th of May!
Order your copy now!
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Watching Nintendo Direct live. Let's hope they can save E3. 
Once again staying up way too late even by my regular standards to watch another E3 presentation. I hope Microsoft shows off something cool. 



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