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Super Dream Party: Twilight Sparkle

~ Summary ~

Twilight’s gameplay is all about making the best use of her Alicorn abilities. Her stages involve many enemies to take out with her magic, a lot of bottomless pit areas where she must take advantage of her flight abilities and being the brainiac she also encounters certain puzzles that test her wit and magical abilities. What she lacks in stamina, strength, speed or athleticism in general, she makes up with her incredible magical powers, the ability to fly without having to use power-ups and being very intelligent. The pony princess has a wide range of practical spells to use for offensive and movement purposes, and can also fuse her spirit with that of her friends allowing her to use new abilities. While her flying ability is not nearly as good as most Pegasi, she’s on the right track and it is still an ability that is enviable by most other adventurers. Twilight Sparkle is no ordinary princess; her extraordinary spells and problem-solving abilities make her a valuable member of the Super Dream Party and the CSM are going to have to step up their game unless they want a purple, prissy pony princess wiping out their army.

~ Controls ~

L Stick – Movement
R Stick – Change camera angle
B Button – Jump
Y Button – Telekinesis
A Button – Teleport
X Button – Spell Cast
L/R Button – Element Switch
ZR Button – Crouch
ZL Button – Support
(-) Button – Recharge
(+) Button – Pause
D-Pad – Pose

~ Moves ~

Movement – Tilting the L Stick lightly in any direction will make Twilight walk slowly in that direction, while having it fully tilted will make Twilight run in that direction. In Enchanted Mode Twilight will not only run faster but also hold her horn out in front of her, making her deal damage to any enemy she runs into (it can even pierce barriers and armour).

Jump – Just a regular jump by pressing B, with L Stick being used to move her in mid-air. When Twilight jumps on an enemy she will simply bounce off their head (momentarily stunning them) and can jump off of it for extra height; of course she’ll still get damaged if the head is armed. In Enchanted Mode she gains more height and distance, and also reaches full height much faster.

Telekinesis – By going close to and facing an object or stunned enemy and pressing Y, Twilight can use a basic telekinesis spell to levitate them and have them follow her. Holding Y while she’s levitating something will make her stop and move the object around freely with the L Stick (pressing B will make it higher, while pressing ZR will make it lower); releasing Y will keep the object or enemy in the new position which stays there relative to where Twilight is and will follow her from there. In Enchanted Mode she creates a field that makes any enemy or object it touches become a part of her telekinetic hold.

Throw – While Twilight is using telekinesis on something, pressing A again will make her throw whatever she’s holding forward at a pretty fast speed. This can be used to damage enemies, whether it be the ones having stuff thrown at them or the ones that are being thrown themselves. The Enchanted version makes her throw the object or enemy so fast that they explode on impact.

Put Down – While Twilight is using telekinesis on something, pressing Y will make her simply drop whatever she’s holding.

Cover – Holding ZR while using telekinesis on something will make Twilight crouch and pull the object or enemy in front of her, using it as a makeshift shield; the effectiveness as a shield however depends on the object or enemy she’s holding. The Enchanted version makes the object or enemy orbit around her, shielding her from every direction and damaging enemies that are near her; she can also move around freely with the orbiting barrier.

Spell Cast – Twilight can cast a spell that she has access to while in a Harmonic Fusion by pressing X. Pressing R or L will make her switch between fusions and by extension her spells. If Twilight isn’t in a fusion she will instead use her Magic Laser. All spells come at the cost of some magic points.

Royal Enchantment – A technique taught to Twilight by Serata after passing a certain point in Story Mode, pressing X while holding an enemy or object in telekinesis will imbue them with unique properties depending on the fusion (or lack of). The Enchanted version depends on the type of spell applied.

Teleport – Twilight can teleport herself by pressing A, which makes her instantly disappear and reappear a short distance in front of her. Alternatively, she can also teleport to any designated spot by holding A to make a small purple flame appear, then moving that flame around with the L Stick to where she teleports to. This uses up some magic points however. The Enchanted version causes an explosion to appear wherever Twilight teleports to, damaging and knocking away enemies.

Crouch - Pressing ZR will make Twilight duck to avoid attacks and moving the L Stick while crouching will make Twilight crawl, allowing her to fit under small spaces, take cover behind objects and avoid dangers. In Enchanted Mode Twilight has faster crawling speed and can temporarily stun enemies by poking them with her horn.

Rising Charge – Pressing B while crouching will make Twilight leap into the air with her horn pointed out, giving her extra height on her jump and damaging enemies in her path. In Enchanted Mode she spins into the air with a magical aura that pulls up nearby enemies into the air.

Flight – While in the air Twilight can fly by pressing or holding B and then either rise by pressing B again, glide by holding B or fall by releasing. Twilight can only fly for a certain amount of time though, and when she tires out she will slowly fall. While underwater this will simply make her swim to the surface. In Enchanted Mode she has more flight time, greater speed and height and while gliding she holds her horn out to skewer airborne enemies.

Horn Charge – By holding ZR while in mid-air Twilight can charge with her horn pointed out to attack and knock back any enemy she hits on the way down. She must be careful using this as she falls much faster this way. The Enchanted version has her boost further into the air before spin around while charging, drilling enemies on her way down.

Recharge – Holding the (-) button will make Twilight start focusing and restoring her magic points slowly; this makes her stand still however, and there is some start-up and ending lag time that makes her vulnerable to dangers. The Enchanted version makes her refill her own magic points faster.

Pose – Press the D-Pad in any of the four directions to pull off a stylish pose; it doesn’t really do much, but it does keep the Combo Counter going. What Twilight does is not only dependant on the button, but also what she’s wearing, so try out a range of outfits to see all the ways she can strut her stuff!

Currency: Bits

Health System: Magic barrier that can take 5 hits before being broken, after which if Twilight is hit again while it’s down then she is defeated. The barrier restores itself automatically once Twilight has not received any hits for a long enough time (not very long); if it’s broken then it will take longer to fully regenerate. Some pick-ups can make the barrier stronger and allow it to take more hits (going up to 10 hits), but the buff isn’t permanent and will go away on its own after a certain amount of time even if the barrier isn’t hit.

Magic System: 20 Magic Points used for Twilight’s spells that recharge overtime; not to be confused with Serata’s Magic Meter or Enchantments.

~ Pick-Ups ~

Apples – These juicy apples will recover or give an extra 1 hit on the barrier.

Pies – These delicious apple pies will fully recover the barrier or give it an extra 3 hits.

Cupcakes – Eating one of these sweet cupcakes will recover 3 magic points.

Cream Cake – Eating one of these cream-filled cakes will recover 9 magic points.

Regen Feather – A magically-infused feather that will give Twilight an extra boost of energy while flying to make her stay in the air longer.

Speed Feather – A magically-infused feather that will give Twilight an extra boost of speed that will propel her forward while flying.

Phoenix Feather – A feather from the mystical phoenix that gives Twilight an extra life.

~ Spells and Harmonic Fusions ~

Though being in Arcobaln has reduced Twilight’s magical abilities significantly, she is still capable of casting a couple of useful spells. The spell she casts by pressing X depends on what form she’s in, whether it be her normal form or one of her Harmonic Fusions with her friends.

Magic Laser – In her normal form, Twilight can charge up her magic laser by holding X which will emit a small field of light, with any enemy within that light at any time having a target placed upon them (which remains even if they get out of the light). Upon releasing X, any enemy targeted will get shot at with a homing magic laser that does good damage; the more enemies targeted however the more magic points must be used. In Enchanted Mode, lasers will automatically and constantly be fired at any enemies in the light.

Honesty – Applejack’s element makes Twilight tougher and stronger, allowing her to take a few extra hits and not flinch from most enemy attacks; any move she does that uses her horn will also be stronger and make any enemy hit to go flying. The spell that Twilight can use in this fusion is the Plant Growth spell. Plant Growth lets her magically grow large trees and plant-life from the ground or walls that are a short distance in front of her, able to use them as either platforms to jump on or as cover against enemies. In Enchanted Mode the plant life will also sprout fruit that will smash upon hitting the ground and reveal a pick-up or item, and can also be used on enemies, with armoured ones coming out de-armoured; certain areas that this is used on can uncover a secret item. Twilight’s appearance in this fusion makes her look bulkier with her mane looking similar to Applejack’s; her standing pose makes her stand upright with a more confident look on her face. Anyone that Twilight talks to in this form will note that she looks stronger and ask if she’s been working out.

Loyalty – Rainbow Dash’s element makes Twilight cooler and faster both on the ground and in the air, and she can fly for longer. The spell that Twilight can use in this fusion is the Cloud Form spell. Cloud Form is used when Twilight is facing a source of non-solid material or particles such as flame, water, snow, sand, smoke, electricity or other such substances that is near her, and she can create a sphere out of that material and manipulate it with telekinesis. The materials have different effects on the environment around her and can also be used to attack enemies. In Enchanted Mode, any sphere created will automatically draw in whatever it’s composed of into itself from any source of the material, making it bigger and self-sustaining. Twilight’s appearance in this fusion makes her look slimmer with her mane looking similar to Rainbow Dash’s; her standing pose makes her look like she’s ready to pounce on something with a cocky grin on her face. Anyone that Twilight talks to in this form will note that she looks cool and will sometimes call her radical.

Generosity – Rarity’s element makes Twilight able to use telekinesis on more than one object without having to use Serata’s magic and become so graceful that she can walk normally on even the slipperiest of surfaces. The spell that Twilight can use in this fusion is the Diamond Mirror spell. Diamond Mirror allows Twilight to set a shining reflective dome (or sphere if used in the air) wherever she is, and can be used as protective cover against enemies and their projectiles. It is also able to reflect light and Twilight’s laser, allowing her to manipulate the light to blind enemies or solve certain puzzles. Only two of these can be out at one time. In Enchanted Mode this will instead make Twilight gain a magnificent crystalline coat, giving her the same properties as the mirrors; pressing X while in this form will make Twilight shine a bright ray that can illuminate areas, blind stun enemies and complete the same puzzles that would require concentrated light. Twilight’s appearance in this fusion makes her look flashier with her mane looking similar to Rarity’s; her standing pose makes her stand up poised with her head tilted upwards to look more sophisticated. Anyone that Twilight talks to in this form will note that she looks beautiful and ask what she’s done with her hair.

Kindness – Fluttershy’s element makes Twilight appear non-threatening to some enemies meaning they won’t attack her if unprovoked (though not all enemies are as docile) and can also sneak by them unnoticed if she isn’t directly seen or heard. The spell that Twilight can use in this fusion is the Mook Charm spell. The Mook Charm spell has Twilight emit a welcoming and persuasive aura that will make any enemy within that aura for a long enough time have a temporary change of heart and decide to help out Twilight and follow her around, using their skills and tools to assist in certain puzzles or against their still-evil comrades. Only a maximum of five enemies can be persuaded at one time. In Enchanted Mode Twilight will instead emit a fearsome aura that will intimidate any enemy into not attacking her, and will automatically help her with certain puzzles; there’s no limit to how many enemies Twilight can instil terror into, but it only lasts as long as she’s in Enchanted Mode. Twilight’s appearance in this fusion makes her look more meek with her mane looking similar to Fluttershy’s; her standing pose makes her look like she’s hiding behind her own mane with an uneasy look on her face. Anyone that Twilight talks to in this form will mention that they didn’t notice her before she started talking to them.

Laughter – Pinkie Pie’s element makes Twilight exuberant and able to jump higher and wall-bounce by pressing B when near a wall to jump off. The spell that Twilight can use in this fusion is the Balloon Wrap spell. Balloon Wrap allows Twilight to create a bunch of balloons tied onto enemies or objects, making them stay suspended in the air unable to do anything but float; if the enemy or object is small enough they will also float up into the sky when Twilight jumps on it. Twilight can then use the balloon-covered objects as platforms to bounce off of, and can move them around with telekinesis or just pushing them around herself. Using a horn attack on balloons will make them pop and release a burst of wind that can push whatever they’re attached to anywhere. Only three objects or enemies can have balloons on them at the same time. In Enchanted Mode she can create a mass of balloons anywhere that will home in on enemies and capture them, or Twilight can jump into the mass herself and give her some air time, though this only lasts as long as she’s in Enchanted Mode; all enemies or objects, no matter how big, will start floating up into the sky after Twilight jumps on it. Twilight’s appearance in this fusion makes her wilder with her mane looking similar to Pinkie Pie’s; her standing pose isn’t so much of a standing pose as she’s constantly bouncing her hooves off the ground while looking excited. Anyone that Twilight talks to will note that she looks like she’s either been to a party, getting ready for a party or thinks that she’s partying now.

Alicorn Might – If Twilight is exposed to certain types of chaotic energies or magic, she will temporarily be able to use her powerful dark magic. Upon activating Twilight’s eyes will glow green while purple energy flows out of them and her horn, and soon after the whole area she’s in will start shaking with any object that can be picked up floating in the air while any enemy in the vicinity is banished away somewhere else after being enveloped in arcane light. This kind of magic is something Serata has never witnessed before, and has no way of enchanting it.

~ Stage Elements ~

Water – Not a natural swimmer, Twilight will automatically rise to top of any body of water she’s in; her barrier depletes the longer she’s underwater, once it’s all gone she’ll have a small period of time to get air back before she loses a life. Holding ZR will make her dive underwater and holding B will make her rise quickly to the top; if she breaches the surface while holding B she’ll automatically start flying in the air. In Enchanted Mode Serata will provide her with unlimited oxygen.

Pony Fountain – A contently smiling stone statue depicting either an Earth, Pegasus or Unicorn Pony (depending on the zone) holding an urn that appears at certain intervals in the stage, which upon touching will have water start pouring out and into the basin, and make sure that Twilight respawns there after losing a life. It will also fully replenish her barrier.

Switch – The switches that Twilight can encounter are weight-based buttons that usually require she stand on herself or have an object be placed on top of it.

Broken Structures – Pressing Y near large broken structures will have Twilight repair into its original form, giving her a new pathway. Some structures can be repaired in different ways, leading to alternate pathways.

Mechanisms – Twilight can come across different types of mechanisms and systems that she can operate using her telekinesis (pressing Y) in order to progress.

Glyphs – Twilight can come across magical glyphs, runes and other devices with magical properties and potential, and activate them with her own magic by pressing Y.

Teleportation Pads – Pressing A while on top of these mystical pads will enhance Twilight’s teleportation and transport who far away in a stage.

Launch Pads – Pressing B while on top of these pads will launch Twilight far into the air, while attacking enemies with her horn pointed out.

Currents – Currents – Some stages will have sources of wind that can affect Twilight’s speed and direction while she’s flying.

Parchment – Large floating parchments (ink pot included) found at the end of each stage that Twilight must reach and sign with a quill from her own wings to confirm she’s finished the stage.

This is the revised version for Twilight’s gameplay information in my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party. Twilight’s gameplay changes come from emphasising using her telekinesis and smarts more often, with her Magic Laser power now being a more expensive spell that won’t be used as often. Additionally her regular horn charge is removed (though it can still be done but in different conditions or in Enchanted Mode) so she can stay focused on dealing with enemies from afar.

Some of her fusion spells have been changed too; Element Control has been changed to Cloud Form, which now encompasses many more elements and materials, Animal Charm has been changed to Mook Charm, as I’d rather not put in a bunch of original species to litter the stages for just one character’s ability and for more direct and practical use, and finally Balloon Wind has been changed to Balloon Wrap, which functions pretty much the same but now just involves sticking balloons rather than inflating them Rayman style (the reason being that this is DeviantArt and I want to avoid any unfortunate implications). Her health system has now also been changed into something a bit more akin to Okami’s Godhood (which is kind of what I’ve always wanted her gameplay to be like). 

Honest criticism and suggestions for improvement are encouraged. Up next will be the info on all the stages and zones in Super Dream Party, and hopefully this time I’ll actually be able to do it. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 

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