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Super Dream Party: Support Gameplay

The Super Dream Party aren’t alone in their efforts to help the world of Arcobaln, as one of their many allies will be around to help them in almost every stage in their story! Allies will follow the playable hero around in the stage and automatically attack enemies in their range. However, they can still take damage as well, and after a certain amount of hits will be temporarily knocked out before appearing by the hero’s side again. By holding the ZL button and then either Y, X, A or L, the supporting character will use one of their unique abilities, categorised as:

Y – Offensive ability that’s usually directed at enemies
X – Some sort of temporary enhancement for the hero
A – Defensive ability that provides some space for the hero if their overwhelmed by enemies
L – Movement type ability that can help the hero traverse the stage

These abilities have cooldowns after use however, some longer than others depending on what they are. Using abilities will also make the allies more vulnerable, being able to take less hits before being knocked out, so they aren’t an invincible force the hero can just hide behind.

~ Luigi ~

Automatic – Much like his brother Luigi is an expert at hand-to-hand combat, and despite his bashful nature he is surprisingly adept, utilizing basic yet effective moves alongside some more unorthodox techniques.

Y – Luigi pulls out a Fire Flower and transforms into Fire Luigi for a brief time, where he then throws two green fireballs that spiral around in the air, alighting an enemy they hit.

X – Mustering up all his courage Luigi goes in front of the hero and not only attacks directly in front of him on command but also mimics their movements; he’ll end up taking the hits from enemies that would otherwise hurt the hero, so don’t abuse his kindness!

A/ZL – Luigi pulls out his Poltergust-3000 and puts his ghostbusting skills to work by sucking up any enemy or item in the vicinity; any items or pick-ups from enemies are spat back out by the machine.

L – Luigi jumps in front of the hero and holds his hands up like he’s raising the roof; jumping on top will make him squat before leaping high into the air while spinning, and then throw the hero up for more height while damaging enemies on the way up.

~ Princess Peach ~

Automatic – Years of kidnappings has encouraged Peach to take up self-defence as an alternative and hopefully more effective way of saying no to her self-designating suitor (you know who we mean). Peach’s style of fighting consists mainly of slaps, sweeps and takedown throws, putting more focus on discouraging enemies from fighting anymore rather than damage.

Y – Having access to some spells, Peach opts to go for the one that puts enemies to sleep. Harmless yet long-lasting, the only thing that can wake them from their royally enforced bedtime is an attack from the hero, so it better be an attack that will make bedtime last a bit longer.

X – As per her benevolence, Peach is able to heal her allies with blessed light. Because of the differing health systems of the heroes her magic differs in how it works, but the general rule is that she’ll recover a third of what their health usually this.

A/ZL – Peach will rush in front of the hero and use her parasol to shield them from projectiles and push enemies away, before rushing forward and leaping with the parasol pointed upwards; jumping into Peach while she’s in the air will make the hero grab her hand and float down to the ground.

L – Peach can enchant the hero’s feet with the same magic that she uses to float horizontally through the air, allowing them to do the same by holding B after they’ve jumped.

~ Donkey Kong ~

Automatic – DK uses his massive ape arms to pummel mooks into mush, as well as the occasional roll and ground slaps to flatten small foes.

Y – After winding up his fist, DK unleashes it and causes anything unfortunate enough to be in the way to get blasted at lethal speeds, damaging other enemies as well.

X – As expected from this strong simian DK always has a couple of bananas to get him through the day. Though most are for him only, he is willing to spare three for the hero, who will eat one of them if they’re on their last hit point to recover some health; additionally they will drop a banana peel that any enemy can slip on.

A/ZL – DK pulls out his Bongo drums and starts playing away; the catchy beats are loud enough to create sonic waves that push enemies and projectiles away in intervals.

L – DK goes full ape and wildly charges forward, breaking any enemy or obstacle apart no matter what it is. The hero can jump on them to catch an unstoppable ride.

~ Yoshi ~

Automatic – Yoshi takes on foes with an assortment of punches, kicks, tail swipes and headbutts; tackling aerial foes is also his forte thanks to his fluttering kicks.

Y – Yoshi lashes out his long tongue and gobbles up enemies in a single gulp before laying a large egg containing them within, leaving the decision to scramble or hard-boil them at the hero’s mercy.

X – Yoshi beckons the hero to get on his back in order to give them a ride. Yoshi can flutter jump by pressing B in the air, and do all of his actions through button presses; pressing X will make the hero jump off.

A/ZL – Yoshi encapsulates himself and the hero within a tough egg that can withstand a couple of hits before breaking; the hero can leave at any time and will recover health within the egg.

L – Yoshi swallows up the hero and puts them in an egg which he then throws in a parabolic trajectory; this doesn’t harm the hero in any way, in fact they are invulnerable to any damage and can hurt enemies in the way, though it’s still a weird feeling.

~ Wario ~

Automatic – Wario fights with unrefined brute force to smash enemies into the dirt, and perhaps belly flop them while he’s at it; the anti-hero he is, his attacks can hurt the hero if they get in the way.

Y –  Wario charges with his shoulder to bash anyone foolish enough to be in his way, knocking them into either next week or other enemies.

X – Wario takes out some garlic, munches it, and belches on the hero and making them stinky; thankfully he gives them a nose plug (which is uncharacteristically generous of him), so only the enemies will be grossed out by the stench that the hero has for a short amount of time.

A/ZL – Wario does the unthinkable and unleashes a horrible fart; the heinous waft makes enemies go down for the count, though unfortunately all pick-ups are rendered unusable purely because they smell so bad.

L –  Wario brings out his motorcycle and lets the hero hop on; they go pretty fast and can jump, but crashing into enemies causes them both to go flying out so be careful!

~ Miles ‘Tails’ Prower ~

Automatic – Tails puts his nicknames origin to good use by swiping at enemies with his two tails that are strong enough to heavily dent machinery, and occasionally pulling out gadgets to run field tests with his foes as subjects.

Y – Tails calls in his plane, the Tornado, to lay waste by firing machine guns and finishing off with two semi-homing missiles. He’d have it more available often, but fuel that the Tornado can use is hard to come by in Arcobaln.

X – Tails throws a small robotic cannon onto the heroes shoulder that fires homing shots with each attack made by the hero; for a ‘genius’ he neglected to give them sunglasses and earmuffs to counter the obvious drawbacks to having a firearm going off inches away from their face.

A/ZL – Tails does a series of spins, twirls and breakdancing moves around the hero, shredding anything coming their way with his two tails. He may be a bit of a square, but do keep in mind that he hangs out with THE Sonic the Hedgehog on a near daily basis.

L – Tails hovers in the air and opens his hands out for the hero to grab, and upon doing so will get flown in any way the control, with the B button being used to ascend and the L button to drop off; Tails only has so much muscle, so don’t make him tire out over an open pit (it’ll be worse for the heroes than for him).

~ Knuckles The Echidna ~

Automatic – True to his name, Knuckles takes on enemies with a flurry of fiery, hard-hitting punches, as well as using his own spines to shred them. Having grown up on his own, the language of fists is the one he’s most fluent in.

Y – Knuckles punches his fists together and rushes forward with one fist stretched out and the other dragging along the ground, flames emitting from both, and ends his charge by jumping and uppercutting with his dragged fist.

X – Using his inherent senses Knuckles can detect and reveal the locations of any pick-up, enemy and even collectible item within a certain radius. He also makes beeping noises while doing so, and claims to not know what people are talking about when asked.

A/ZL – Knuckles smashes the ground below him, creating a shockwave that knocks enemies off their feet while flaming rocks are blasted into the air before raining down. In the case of being on other people’s property, remember that Knuckles is the one causing damage, not the heroes, which is why they get away scot-free.

L – Knuckles crouches and tells the hero to grab his feet, which upon doing so will make Knuckles tunnel through the ground and even through some walls for a short distance before jumping out alongside a dirtied and dazed hero.

~ Amy Rose ~

Automatic – Despite her smallish frame, Amy can swing her Piko Piko Hammer at enemies like it was a baseball bat and still flatten them, or use her acrobatic attacks to defeat them “how a lady does it”.

Y – Having befriended the bird species of her world known as Flickies, Amy can send a pack of them to peck at enemies and keep them occupied while she and the hero go in for the kill; just like her, they aren’t kidnapping victims no more!

X – Amy gives her ally a charm she had back in her younger days when she practiced mysticism that boosts the chance of them getting pick-ups from enemies, even those that aren’t usually dropped.

A/ZL – Amy swings around her hammer in a circle, knocking away nearby foes and following the hero for a short time before getting dizzy and making her attempts at attacking more amusing.

L – Amy lifts her hammer up like a golf club, and if the hero stands in front of her she will hit them so fast that it will damage enemies (including armoured ones) and break through barriers; somehow the hero is not seriously injured, just dizzy.

~ Cream The Rabbit & Cheese The Chao ~

Automatic – Cream sends Cheese to charge at enemies while she hits others with her tiny hands and ears; they don’t much damage, but they are good at keeping enemies distracted, whom aren’t that willing to hurt young creatures like them.

Y – Giving Cheese a green Chaos Drive, Cream orders her to charge at enemies alongside a variety of fast animals such as deer and rabbits that push enemies far off while not being able to do anything.

X – Cream gives Cheese a yellow Chaos Drive and tells him to stick close to the hero, where he will start somehow swimming in the air along with other swimming animals such as seals and penguins; heroes will have better movement underwater, more oxygen, be able to walk on slippery surfaces normally and have jumping and falling physics like their underwater.

A/ZL – Cream gives Cheese a red Chaos Drive and tells him to stick close to the hero, to which he does while crossing his arms, maintaining a tough expression and calling over strong animals such as lions and bears to knock away enemies that come near.

L – With a purple Chaos Drive given to him by Cream, Cheese flies around the hero along with other flying animals such as parrots and peacocks that allow the hero to fully control their movement in the air.

~ Metal Sonic ~

Automatic – Armed not only with razor-sharp metal spines but also extendable claws, Metal Sonic is a vicious threat to enemies just as much as he is to heroes (whom he’ll hurt if they get in his way).

Y – After charging up electricity Metal Sonic boosts forward with his claws stretched out in front of him and spinning, rending anything in his way. It looks cool, but it’s not the most accurate so he just looks silly if he misses.

X – Metal Sonic places a small device onto the hero, giving their attacks electric properties and making them immune to electricity damage for a short time. Presumably it was meant to electrocute the heroes, but there must be a glitch in either the device or Metal himself.

A/ZL – Metal Sonic charges up before unleashing waves of electricity all around him, shocking anything in the vicinity… except the hero no matter where they are, how convenient (or not, if you have Metal’s way of thinking).

L – Metal Sonic grabs the hero, flies high into the air before crashing into the ground, damaging enemies in the way and making them able to reach new heights, though at the cost of some bodily pain and already small trust for the robot.

~ Roll ~

Automatic – Roll swipes at enemies using a broom that’s been modified into a weapon that can do surprisingly decent damage; you’d think with her day job and small size that she’d be her own brand of weak, but she’s gotten a lot stronger over the years.

Y – Roll uses her broom to sweep across the floor while running forwards, scooping up and damaging enemies in the way before whacking them away; the clean streak she makes stands out against the rest of the ground, making it appear even less clean than before.

X – Roll gives her ally a chip that makes whatever they use to attack start glowing, and makes them do twice as much damage for a short time. She says she doesn’t need it herself, but gives it to the hero without a second thought; is she trying to say something?

A/ZL – Roll holds out a bucket full of more water than it looks like it should be able to hold at an angle that lets it spill onto the floor, and will keep it like that for a short time; enemies can slip up on the water while heroes can run on it for more speed and added momentum to their attacks.

L – Roll calls out Beat to help the hero by grabbing them and flying up as far as he can go; his horizontal movement can be slightly affected by moving and the hero can jump off by pressing B, but his little robo-birdie wings are only so strong and he’ll let go eventually.

~ Proto Man ~

Automatic – Proto Man uses his signature Proto Buster to dispose of enemies in addition to whacking them with his shield. His style of close-range fighting is a bit more underhanded and pragmatic as well, clearly not trying to become a population-friendly image of heroism.

Y – Proto Man will charge in front of him with his shield in front of him before unleashing a short range burst of energy from his buster, which he’s dubbed the “Pseudo Proto Strike”. Apparently the real Proto Strike uses up his nuclear core and is dangerous for him, so he settles for a ‘Proto’ Proto Strike instead.

X – Proto Man will give his ally a chip that envelops them in an energy shield and halves the damage they receive for a short amount of time. Don’t ask where he got it from, as depending on who the hero is he’ll either not answer or give an answer they won’t like.

A/ZL – Proto Man gives his ally his Proto Shield which can deflect projectiles and parry attacks in front of him whenever they stand still, jump or crouch; he’ll need it back eventually though, it’s part of thing after all (and don’t bother asking for the shades and scarf either).

L – Proto Man puts his shield into the air and makes it float horizontally, allowing the hero to hop on to activate it and then jump again to make the shield automatically go to their location and serve as a platform. Supposedly Proto Man built this function for when he jumps off from really high places to disappear after pitching in to help.

~ Cut Man ~

Automatic – Cut Man uses his Rolling Cutter, a scissor-like boomerang that can cut through multiple enemies at once, and his own KUNG-FU SKILLS.

Y – Cut Man will send in a large tree log to fall in front of him which bounces once before he splits it straight in half, with each piece crushing enemies. The rest of the tree will be put to good use in an environmentally friendly way of course.

X – Cut Man makes small cutting options satellite around the hero, which damages enemies should they come in contact with them. Auto-detection prevents them from cutting the hero by accident, unless the lesser-known shaving setting is on.

A/ZL – Cut Man sends out three rolling cutters at once which orbit around the hero before extending into a bigger circle and flying off, slicing enemies so fast they need a moment to realize to know that they need new clothes (or parts).

L – Cut Man makes a log fall on vertically on the ground, and if the hero jumps towards it Cut Man will quickly jump in front of them with the speed of his brainwashed half-brother a ninja onto the wall and jump off while leaving a cutter in place for the hero jump off from.

~ Auto ~

Automatic – Being a mechanic, Auto has access to a wide range of tools and spare parts that he can throw at enemies; needless to say, the results are varied, as per his unofficial motto.

Y – Auto brings out his bazooka and the great sense of empowerment that comes with it to fire a missile that goes through weaker enemies before exploding, while against bigger and armoured foes it explodes on contact.

X – Auto will get Eddie the walking suitcase (?) to give the hero an item, power-up or more ammo for their weapons. Taking after his business partner, the hero won’t always get what they need or want.

A/ZL – Auto will call Tango the robot cat and get him to bounce around the hero in a curled spike ball, shredding mooks up like they were Auto’s favourite spot on the couch.

L – Auto will place a modified Met helmet on the head of the hero, which thanks to the tiny propeller gives them extra height on jumps by holding B, and by his word are supposedly in fashion now.

~ Bass & Treble ~

Automatic – While Treble thrashes enemies apart, Bass uses his Bass Buster to lay rapid-fire punishment on all foes; given the tenuous circumstances of the partnership, the hero can count as a target as well.

Y – Working in tandem, Bass will punch with one arm while Treble swipes a claw, then again with the other arm before Bass uppercuts while Treble headbutts upwards, followed by Treble leaping into the air and biting down on anything in the air while Bass does a jumping flip kick.

X – Bass gives the hero a chip that gives their attacks fire properties while making them immune to fire damage for a short time. It sounds like generosity until one considers that the amount of fires that could be accidentally started can be attributed to the hero instead of the one that gave the chip to them.

A/ZL – Bass orders Treble to stay in one place and fire at enemies that come near with his mouth cannon (which Bass will ‘enthusiastically’ clarify is not called the Bark Buster).

L – Treble turns into a pair of wings that attach to the hero and make them fly into the air and swoop down for a short distance, damaging any enemies in the way. If that sounds cool then don’t tell Bass or he’ll gloat and rub in how much cooler his dog is compared to yours.

~ Princess Bubblegum ~

Automatic – Bubblegum snipes at enemies using her multi-purpose and adaptable science gun, which comes with all sorts of firing modes. A life of several centuries has her also developing some painful CQC tactics against potential assassins.

Y – Bubblegum brings out a launcher that fires scoops of ice cream at enemies, pushing them away and slowing down their movements; it’s cooler on a figurative level than it looks on a literal level.

X – Bubblegum gives the hero a bizarre-looking parasite (hopefully not sentient) that attaches to them and slowly gives up its own life juices to give them health when not fighting for a short period of time before falling off and dying.

A/ZL – Bubblegum erects a barrier dome made of a gum-like substance that allows her and her ally to walk in and out, but bounces enemies away. It also feels kind of wet in a gross way, so make of that what you will.

L – Bubblegum sprays a gum-like substance on nearby walls, allowing the hero to walk on them just by moving on them. The substance is surprisingly abundant in Arcobaln, in no small part thanks to the desks at schools.

~ Marceline ~

Automatic – Marceline puts an a horrifying yet attention-capturing show of violence by slicing through enemies with her axe-guitar, and if not with that then with her monstrous claws in her less humanoid forms.

Y – Marceline assumes a less photogenic and more devil-like form and leaps into the air before smashing her elbow into the ground, causing a small explosion and “Demonicore” music out of nowhere.

X – Marceline gives the hero the curse gift of vampirism for a short time which allows them to regain health for every attack they successfully land, at the expense of enjoying garlic, checking in the mirror, coming into contact with the sun and becoming morally ambiguous.

A/ZL – Marceline shreds a mad riff on her guitar so hard that lightning strikes the nearby area. Apparently she wasn’t meant to summon lightning, even claiming not knowing how to, and was just playing for the sake of it during battle.

L – Marceline transforms into a savage, horned wolf-like beast and lets the hero hop on top of her mangy back and be given a ride while she bites, tears and growls at enemies in the way.

~ Lady Rainicorn ~

Automatic – Lady charges at enemies with her horn while also pummelling them with her tail, presenting an example to mothers everywhere that they can adventure and kick tush like the rest of them.

Y – Lady fires a ray of chromatic magic at enemies, causing them pain and turning them different colours to disorient them with garish combinations and uncomfortable hues.

X – Lady casts a Rainicorn spell on her ally and herself that makes them both invisible (though it’s more like hyperactive camouflage), letting them both sneak past enemies unnoticed, though making a noise or attacking will give their position away.

A/ZL – Lady stretches herself out completely and begins to spin around fast enough to whack nearby enemies away, and is as effective as how silly it sounds, though the hero will have to duck or get pushed around as well.

L – Lady asks the hero to hop on, which upon doing so will allow them to fly through the air; Lady will keep moving forward, with her direction being influenced by the L stick. At the request of Jake someone she knows she won’t fly the hero the whole for the sake of challenge.

~ Lumpy Space Princess ~

Automatic – With unbridled fury LSP beats up chumps with her own two hands, lumpy body and misattributed teenage angst.

Y – LSP yells and begins wildly flailing her arms around while pacing (or the floating equivalent to), knocking out anything in her way.

X – LSP does an “alluring dance” around the hero while they wander through the stage, distracting enemies and delaying their reaction time, though not for the reasons LSP thinks.

A/ZL – LSP begins ranting about inane things so much that some enemies won’t even bother trying to attack and instead keep their distance, though the hero may have the same idea.

L – LSP gets on the phone and calls for her parents to give her and her ally a lift to a further point in the stage. Understandably so, the ride takes a while to actually arrive and they have to stay in the same area until then, but once it gets here it will take them both a total distance of about one third of the stage.

~ Ice King ~

Automatic – Ice King pierces hordes of enemies with ice spikes either from the air or ground, and a whole slew of ice-formed melee weapons (though he isn’t particularly well-classed in any of them). His overall clumsiness may lead to accidental damage to his ‘friends’.  

Y – Ice King calls upon a fierce icy storm that blasts enemies away with freezing cold winds and hail, freezing those that aren’t immediately destroyed.

X – Ice King enchants his ally with ice magic, giving their attacks ice properties and making them immune to cold damage, though if it makes their limbs numb than he won’t admit responsibility.

A/ZL – Ice King creates a wall of ice in front of the hero, blocking all damage before going away either due to running out of time or taking too much damage. It can also be used as a platform if the hero stands on the spot Ice King places the wall in time.

L – Ice King creates a sled out of ice and asks the hero to get in, and upon doing so they will go on a ride that gradually increases in speed and ploughs through enemies at higher speeds, but is difficult to control.

~ Spike ~

Automatic – Spike attacks with what he claims is “Dragon Style Kung-Fu”; whether or not such a thing even exists or if he’s doing it right is debatable, but it keeps enemies occupied at least.

Y – Spike breathes in before producing a breath of (actually dangerous) flames which while short-ranged can set enemies on fire that can spread to one another.

X – Spike goes off on his own to gather up items and pick-ups and bring them to the hero, though how he is more prone to danger this way.

A/ZL – Spike breathes fire on the ground which forms into a ring surrounding the hero for a brief moment before dispersing into fireballs. Spike considers it the second coolest thing he’s pulled off with his dragon breath.

L – Spike grabs out an enchanted scroll that the hero can go into and take the form of a picture before Spike uses his magic flame to send the scroll away in a smoky puff a certain distance, bypassing barriers otherwise impassable by solid beings, before reforming into their regular selves.

~ Starlight Glimmer ~

Automatic – Starlight has a variety of different spells normally, but right now she’s settling for simple magic missiles and telekinetically thrown objects to take down enemies.

Y – Starlight uses her powerful magic to levitate multiple objects around the area before barraging enemies with them. The consequences of using the environment for offensive purposes can come later.

X – Starlight enchants the hero with a crystalline coating that makes enemy projectiles reflect off them for a short time, and look pretty stylish if not in a mildly obnoxious way.

A/ZL – Starlight causes a row of mystic crystals to erupt from the ground before sending them out to seek enemies and encase them within.

L – Starlight casts a spell on the hero and allows them to instantly teleport a short distance onto the ground when they’re in the air by pressing L, which can be done five times.

~ Celestia ~

Automatic – Celestia focuses the intense rays of the sun into a superheated beam that cuts through swarms of enemies like a hot knife through butter.

Y – Celestia uses her dark Alicorn magic to conjure a crystalline structure wrapped in black flames that fires a mighty corona at enemies and instantly incinerating them.

X – Celestia blesses the hero with the sun’s energy, making it so they are invulnerable to all attacks while in mid-air for a short time, and makes the UV rays non-harmful as well.

A/ZL – Celestia creates a blinding flash of light that disorient foes and allows the hero (whose eyes she makes sure to shield) to either attack or sneak past.

L – Celestia lets the hero onto her back and leaps into the air, does a loop de loop, and then does a long glide down, at which point the hero can jump off at any time. Flying all the way to the end of the stage apparently “won’t provide any experience or teach anything”.

~ Luna ~

Automatic – Luna conjures a swarm of magic orbs glowing with ethereal flames that slowly home in on enemies and explode, and uses strength akin to an Earth pony’s to whap close-range attackers.

Y – Luna uses her dark Alicorn magic to conjure shadows that form into tentacles that ensnare enemies and even crush smaller ones.

X – Luna blesses the hero with the power of the moon, making it so whatever pick-ups and items they find will be bigger or have more given at a time, and makes their pupils dilate for some reason.

A/ZL – Luna makes the gravity in a small area like that of the moon’s, causing enemies to float helplessly in the air while the hero is unaffected (though some were hoping to be affected as well).

L – Luna morphs her and her ally into a shadowy wisp that can travel through the minds of enemies, shifting from one mook to the next with none of them noticing, bar a brief vision that they may dwell on.

~ Discord ~

Automatic – Discord summons all sorts of animals and objects with wings stuck on to harass enemies, though as expected from the Spirit of Chaos the creatures may attack the hero as well.

Y – Discord throws a metal lid with a chain attached onto the ground before yanking it and causing the area around it to suck into a newly created sinkhole before imploding.

X – Discord gives the hero big googly eyes and makes any enemy they defeat turn into a random, nonsensical object that homes in on enemies to terrify them. When asked why he does this Discord simply responds “I think it should be obvious” and then nothing more on the subject.

A/ZL – Discord dons a white robe, red hakama pants and geta sandals while growing short yellow hair, then raises his hands into the air while gathering chaotic energy before bellowing “AGING... STOOOOOORRM!!” while bringing his hands to the ground and causing an eruption of entropic magic that turns enemies into elderly versions of themselves.

L – For one time only Discord will create a door that the hero can enter to instantly warp to the next checkpoint no matter what the distance is, but this only applies to checkpoints and not the end goal.

~ ‘Nade ~

Automatic – ‘Nade uses years of combat training, wrestling and explosive charges attached to her fists to lay the patriotic pain on her foes.

Y – ‘Nade attaches a highly potent charge on her fist, reels back and lets loose a hardcore punch so fast that the explosion doesn’t come out immediately upon contact.

X – ‘Nade gives the hero a suit filled with non-lethal charges that explode on contact with enemies or their attacks, though it only pushes them back rather than doing real damage and only leaves a mild ringing in the hero’s ears.

A/ZL – ‘Nade buries a mine into the ground that erupts into a pillar of explosive goodness if an enemy is close enough, and the hero is safe to walk around it as according to ‘Nade “they’re too scrawny for the mine to pick up”.

L – ‘Nade places a special explosive on the feet of her ally that upon pressing B in mid-air will make it explode and launch them higher in the air. She didn’t actually test herself to see if this was safe to do.

~ Cola ~

Automatic – Cola uses advanced CQC techniques to dispatch enemies quickly and efficiently.

Y – Cola brings out a baton that can administer powerful electric shocks and begins charging at enemies and stunning them.

X – Cola gives the ally a parachute that they can open in mid-air upon pressing B, allowing them to float to the ground. If the hero is hit out of the air, then the parachute will open automatically and let them recover faster.

A/ZL – Cola will attach a tether to the ground that can shock enemies on contact, and will hold onto it while moving to stun anyone between her and the point of the tether. At a certain distance the grounded tether end will get pulled of and strike whatever’s in front of Cola.

L – Cola will shoot an elastic tether at whatever is in front of her and grab the hero before flying off in whatever direction they’re going like a bungee with less safety and concern.

~ Latte ~

Automatic – Latte slashes and thrusts with his trusty sword Gjardein against enemies with grace, occasionally posing for the reporters that pester him everywhere.

Y – Latte swings his sword across the ground, causing a wave of thorns to burst from the ground and pierce enemies.

X – Latte places a rose on the back of the hero, making a bush of sharp-thorned roses appear and cover them whenever they crouch, making them invulnerable to melee attacks and damaging enemies on contact for a short time,

A/ZL – Latte plants Gjardein into the ground, creating a field of flowers that will poison any enemy that walks through it; they probably don’t taste good either.

L – Latte thrusts his sword forward and calls a mass of vines to create a bridge that can be used to cover tricky gaps. It’d also be good for a romantic outing, but that’s not something that should be brought up between the hero and Latte.

~ Espresso ~

Automatic – Espresso uses stabs and slashes of her sword Eschelga to do away with ne’er do wells with great speed.

Y – Espresso points her sword skyward, letting it get struck by lightning, before thrusting it forward and striking enemies with electricity.

X – Espresso conjures a cloud ring above the hero that follows, pouring down rain that slows down enemies while leaving the hero in the centre dry and unimpeded.

A/ZL – Espresso calls upon wild winds to a swirl around her and her ally, making enemies have to fight against the wind while their projectiles go all over the place.

L – Espresso makes a powerful gust appear behind the hero, giving them more horizontal distance on their jump and messing up their hair.

~ Saiidi ~

Automatic – Saiidi uses his special-made nunchakus and kung-fu attacks to take down entire groups of enemies with style.

Y – Saiidi attaches his nunchakus to his feet and does a sweep kick, flipping enemies into the air before doing a flip kick and knocking them up further.

X – Saiidi hypes up the hero by saying encouraging words to make them move faster for a short time.

A/ZL – Saiidi performs a series of nunchaku swipes all around him and the ally, wildly flailing about and hitting enemies unfortunate to come close a multiple amount of times.

L – Saiidi does a low stance and asks the hero to hop on, which upon doing so he will then do a diagonal flying kick into the air, letting the hero jump off once he’s finished.
Here we have all the allies and the many ways they can help the hero out in my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party. I wanted the allies to be involved so that they aren't useless, but not so much so that they become overpowered. Finding ways to keep their abilities varied was also a bit of a challenge. 

Really sorry this took so long, but the original plan was to release this alongside the next part before November started, but due to several assignments being due at the time I wasn't able to make a start on that and I still wanted to revise this part (which I had nearly finished partway through October). Now that this is done I can begin working on the next part, that being the many enemies of Super Dream Party. Until then, take care everybody  

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 

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Idle quote combos:

Twilight<-Peach: "Tea after this?" "No better opportunity to talk and learn, right?"
Finn->Wario: "Dudebro, that's some sick strength ya got there. Don't tell me that's not awesome." "You know it! Wahaha!"
Twilight->Tails: "Are you sure that isn't magic letting you fly? I didn't think tails could spin that way." "Are you sure your telekinesis isn't just science applied at a long distance? I know you're intelligent enough for that."
Mario<-Amy: "Wow, I didn't know you had a hammer too." "No one ever-a asked!"
Jake->Roll: "Geez, a non-princess robot girl who still holds her own. We could use one of those!" "There's only one other like me, and we're both taken. Make your own."
Megaman->Protoman: "..." "...the mission. Focus."
Mario->Cutman: "Ay Cutman! My mustache okay?" "Lookin' good from here Mario, but if it gets too scruffy you know who to call."
Twilight<-Bubblegum: "When we get back to town there's so much more science to do!" "I thought we already did all the science already...(never thought I'd ever get tired of experimenting but this girl is ridiculous!)"
Sonic<-Marceline: "Hey blue boy, how you liking these sick riffs?" "Pretty good! Learn some Crush 40 and then it'll be perfect."
Mario->Marceline: "Oh, noooo..." "Okay! Okay, fine, I'll stay away from that vivid, red, tasty...ugh, no, you said not to. I'll leave the hat alone."
Megaman->Spike: "Despite no 'real' dragons existing on my world, those who take on the mantle of 'dragon' often are deserving of respect. This one guy, who goes by Mythril..." "As much as I'd love hearing about the dragons of your world, that might take a while. Fill me in once we get back to town."
Mario->Celestia: "Oh, noooo..." "While I understand your concern, I'm not exactly this 'Angry Sun' you're so worried about. You can loosen up a bit."
Sonic<-Luna: "You and the night have an interesting relationship." "If you're taking about the beast-hog, we're not exactly rolling in Gaia, much less Dark. Good thought though."
Sonic->Discord: "I'm...not sure what I can say to you that hasn't already been said." "Well, granted you're a fellow user of chaos, I might actually listen to it this time."
Finn+Jake->Discord: "SO. AWESOME." "FINALLY, someones who appreciate my brilliance!"

If you could be troubled to, I'm willing to bet you could come up with so much more. Or anyone else. May as well use the comment section for this.
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I'll probably do these as a separate post later down the line, thanks for the suggestions though! 
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