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Super Dream Party: Sonic The Hedgehog

~ Summary ~

Sonic’s gameplay is all about speed, and he’ll definitely be covering more area at a time than any other member of the Super Dream Party. His stages are the largest in size to accommodate for his great speed, and they are also the craziest with their loop-de-loops, corkscrews and wild chase scenes. Sonic is said to be the fastest being alive, and that may not just be a myth. He lives up to his name by absolutely blazing through any area, and is also pretty strong. Due to his habit of running fast, Sonic doesn’t always have the best handling and his brakes are a bit slow; also he is not a very good swimmer. In addition to rolling into a ball and boosting off, he is capable of manoeuvring himself in mid-air to give him a boost of speed and to rush at his foes. Sonic can also harness the power of elemental shields and the power of the many rings he collects (which he’ll need to save himself from instant defeat). A level of speed that is matched by very few, there is no limit to where Sonic can go or what he can do and he has his mind set on ensuring freedom for all.

~ Controls ~

L Stick – Movement
R Stick – Change camera angle
B Button – Jump
Y Button – Spin Dash
A Button – Crouch
X Button – Light Speed Dash
L/R Button – Sidestep
ZR Button – Drift
ZL Button – Support
(-) Button – Shield Switch
(+) Button – Pause
D-Pad – Pose

~ Moves ~

Movement – Tilting the L Stick lightly in any direction will make Sonic walk slowly in that direction, while having it fully tilted will make Sonic run in that direction; running long enough will eventually make him run at his signature top speed. In Enchanted Mode Sonic will automatically hop over small obstacles and run up and along walls, and after reaching top speed will slowly go even faster than that; he has no speed cap so long as he’s Enchanted.

Jump – A spinning ball jump that can damage any unprotected enemy it makes contact with by simply pressing B, with the L Stick being used to move him around in the air. The Enchanted version gives him more height and makes him immune to projectile attacks.

Homing Attack/Air Dash – By pressing B while in the air after a jump Sonic will quickly home in and attack enemies. Sonic can pull off another Homing Attack after hitting an enemy, and can continue to do so until either he falls on the ground, gets hit or there are no more enemies close enough for him to attack. If there are no enemies around when this is done, Sonic will simply do a quick boost in the air forward or whatever direction you are holding. In Enchanted Mode, his attacks will home in even faster and cannot be harmed during the attack, and the air dash is given more distance.

Drop Dash – Sonic will spin around in a ball in mid-air by pressing Y and upon landing on the ground will immediately Spin Dash; he can also hit enemies multiple times will spinning around. In Enchanted Mode Sonic will immediately rush to the ground and Boost.

Stomp – Pressing A while in the air will make Sonic quickly drop down and hit anything below him with his stomp. This can be used to attack enemies, break certain floors or get quickly Sonic onto the ground. The Enchanted version produces a shockwave upon landing that knocks grounded enemies into the air, making them ripe for a combo.

Spin Dash – By holding Y, Sonic can roll himself up into a ball and charge up energy. Upon release he will boost off at high speeds and while in his Spin Dash form he can take out enemies. Pressing Y again while Sonic is in Spin Dash will make him go back to his normal running position. Sonic will eventually lose speed when he is in Spin Dash after a certain amount of time; if you’re going uphill he will lose speed much faster and if he’s going downhill he will actually increase in speed and momentum. By alternating between regular running and Spin Dashing, Sonic can go faster than he usually would with just normal running at a fairly consistent pace. In Enchanted Mode this becomes a Boost, which will make him dash at maximum speed no matter what terrain and damage any enemy on contact; he can even run on water while doing this.

Crouch – Pressing A will make Sonic duck to avoid attacks and moving the L Stick while crouching will make Sonic crawl, allowing him to fit under small spaces, take cover behind objects and avoid dangers. In Enchanted Mode, his spines can damage any enemy that touches them, and he will also be able to crawl faster.

Slide – By pressing A while running Sonic will slide a certain amount of distance depending on the speed; this can be used to fit under small spaces, evade overhead attacks and to attack enemies. In Enchanted mode he will be able to cover more distance in the slide.

Sweep Kick – Pressing ZR while crouching will make Sonic do a sweeping kick that can hit enemies around him in the lower areas. In Enchanted Mode this becomes a breakdance style kick that conjures a small tornado around him, lifting enemies into the air.

Light Speed Dash –When Sonic is near any line or pattern of rings, press X to make him speedily zoom across the path of the rings; this is only after passing a certain point in the Story Mode however. The Enchanted version allows him to instantly rush to any ring he’s facing regardless of distance.

Sidestep – Pressing L or R will make Sonic quickly sidestep to the left or right respectively, and can be used while running to change your position quickly and dodge incoming danger; this can also be done in the air. Because the R button is also used for Enchanted Mode while holding ZL, Sonic can’t sidestep normally while enchanted. Instead, holding L will make Sonic continue running or dashing without having to hold the L Stick forward, and he can quickly strafe right or left by holding the L Stick in that direction.

Drift – While Sonic is running, press ZR to while moving the L Stick in the desired direction to make him tightly turn around corners and allow him to keep his speed. In Enchanted Mode this will instead have him run immediately in that direction with no drag, giving him complete control of movement.

Wall Jump – While against a wall, Sonic can jump off for extra height by pressing B. The Enchanted version gives him more height and can damage enemies in his path.

Pose – Press the D-Pad in any of the four directions to pull off a stylish pose; it doesn’t really do much, but it does keep the Combo Counter going. What Sonic does is not only dependant on the button, but also what he’s wearing, so try out a range of outfits to see all the ways he can strut his stuff!

Currency: Rings
Health System: Rings

~ Pick-Ups ~

Rings – Rings not only operate as the main currency for Sonic, but also as a health gauge of sorts. When Sonic is hit while he has no rings, he is defeated. If he has at least one ring though, he will instead get hit back and lose his rings (which he can get back even after dropping them). For every 100 rings that Sonic collects, he will gain an extra life. If Sonic has collected less than 50 rings before he gets hit, he will lose all of them; if he has at least 50 when he gets hit, he will lose 50% of all the rings he has got. Despite how many rings Sonic loses after being hit, there is only a maximum of 32 rings that can be recovered afterwards. Through nefarious collaboration the CSM have been able to develop weapons that bypass the protective properties of rings. Certain enemy attacks will charge up and glow a certain colour, and if Sonic is hit then he loses a certain number of rings permanently depending on the attack; if Sonic has less rings than an enemy attack can take, he will be defeated.

Big Ring – These large rings give Sonic 10 rings at a time.

Super Shoes – In addition to playing a cool tune, Sonic will move faster for a certain amount of time after collecting these.

Invincibility – Upon getting this pick-up, Sonic will sparkle and become invincible to all dangers (except for bottomless pits and the like) for a short amount of time and will destroy any enemy he touches just by contact. Like the Super Shoes, a unique theme will play upon getting this item. Whatever power the sparkles contains is so great that not even Serata can do anything to enhance its properties.

Extra Life – Taking the form of a logo shaped like Sonic’s head, this will give Sonic an extra life.


Sonic is capable enough with his own skills and so doesn’t need extra weaponry or powers, but he’s willing to use shields that can help him out. Pressing the (-) button can make him switch between different types of shields if he has them available.

Shield – A simple sphere of energy that will protect Sonic from one extra hit, without costing him his rings or his life. What makes ordinary shields special is that they are affected by Enchanted Mode, which makes them able to take as many hits with breaking (though each hit will drain the Magic Meter faster).

Flame Barrier – This barrier made of heat and flames will not only protect Sonic from an extra hit, but will also make him immune to fire hazards. The Flame Barrier also extends the range of his homing attack, and he leaves a trail of damaging fire wherever he runs.

Aqua Bubble – A bubble made of oxygenated water that allows Sonic to take an extra hit, be immune to water and chemical hazards and allow him to breathe underwater. While underwater, Sonic can go into a fast swimming ball by pressing Y, and you will continue to rip through enemies and objects at a fast pace as long as you have the Aqua Bubble.

Electro Magnet – Electricity will spark around Sonic upon getting this item, and it will protect him from an extra hit and make him immune to electrical hazards. In addition, he will be able to Double Jump by pressing ZR in mid-air, and rings in the near area around Sonic will automatically come to him.

Cold Aura – Freezing air will envelope Sonic and will protect him from an extra hit as well make him immune to ice hazards. Sonic will no longer lose friction when on ice or slippery surfaces when he has the Cold Aura, and will run on them normally. Not only that, but he can also run on water (via freezing it), and whenever he does a Sweep Kick, he will send a wave of frosty air in the direction he’s facing to freeze enemies making them easier to take down.

~ Stage Elements ~

Water – Sonic isn’t good at swimming and will sink to the bottom; after a period of time a countdown will begin and if it reaches zero before Sonic can replenish his oxygen either through getting out of the water or touching and air bubble then he will lose a life instantly. Pressing ZR underwater will have him jump after his initial jump, which he can do an infinite amount of times. In Enchanted Mode Serata will provide him with unlimited oxygen.

Shuttle Loop – Large structures such as this which are paths that are shaped in irregular patterns can still be run on so long as Sonic has enough speed, and going into ball form while going downhill can give him an extra boost of speed.

Star Post – Passing this gate that usually appears at certain intervals in stages will make sure that he respawns there after losing a life.

Ramp – Touching these will immediately launch Sonic diagonally into the air; there is also a light blue variant that will put Sonic into Trick Mode. In Trick Mode, time briefly slows down and pressing B, Y, X, A, R, L or ZR will make Sonic do varying mid-air poses that give him extra points.

Dash Panel – Touching these small conveyer belt-like objects will instantly make Sonic rush off into whatever direction it’s facing giving him a great boost of speed.

Dash Ring – These large floating red rings will launch Sonic in a certain direction with a good deal of speed; there is also a rainbow-colored variant that will put Sonic into Trick Mode.

Horizontal Bar – Sonic can land on these bars and start swinging around, pressing B at the right time will make him swing off with great height; incorrectly timing the press or waiting too long will make him fall off.

Jump Panel – If B is pressed while Sonic is standing on one of these numbered panels, he will immediately jump straight to next panel in the sequence; if B is not pressed quickly enough however he will fall off whatever panel he’s on.

Spring – These springs can face in any direction and launch Sonic in that direction with a boost of speed.

Switch – Sonic will occasionally come across small button switches that can stand on to create paths or remove obstacles.

Grind Rail – When Sonic is on top of a rail or any other thin line, he will automatically grind on it and move in the direction of that rail. While grinding, moving the L Stick left or right will make Sonic lean that way, allowing him to go faster around corners. Holding Y makes Sonic crouch and go faster along the rail, while holding A will make him brake and slow down. Pressing either L or R will make Sonic switch rails if there are any near him on the respective side.

Goal Ring – This large, floating, spinning gold ring is what Sonic must reach to finish the stage.

This is the revised version for Sonic’s gameplay information in my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party. Out of all the characters Sonic is the most unchanged, the only significant differences in his abilities being his double jump effectively being replaced by the Drop Dash seen in the upcoming Sonic Mania, and the loss of unnecessary things like Chaos Control and his shoe upgrades. Speaking of upgrades, every character will now have one new item or ability that they can gain after passing a certain point in their Story Mode. One very important change however is that there are now attacks that can permanently remove the rings Sonic has collected and even defeat him even if he’s protected, which I think will provide a layer of challenge that will keep players more on their toes. 

Honest criticism and suggestions for improvement are encouraged. Up next is the other blue hero Mega Man’s gameplay info. Take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 

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