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Super Dream Party: Mega Man

~ Summary ~

Mega Man’s gameplay is one of the more combat-oriented of the Super Dream Party. His stages are filled with many traps and platforming areas littered with various deadly foes with their own tricks and attacks. At the end of every stage Mega Man will fight a mighty Robot Master, each with their own sets of tricks, attacks and strategies. Mega Man’s expertise is in projectile-based combat, and as such he has one of the easiest times taking down enemies not just because of his powerful weapons but also due to being able to take a lot of pain and adapting pretty easily to environments like underwater areas. On the downside, he isn’t very fast and his jumping ability is the worst out of the heroes, relying on his robot companion Rush to give him a height boost. In addition to his powerful Mega Buster, Mega Man can also copy the weapon of any robot master he defeats to add to his mighty arsenal. Mega Man is a robot that never backs down and will always fight for peace; with his weapons, skills and friends he will defeat the forces of the CSM.

~ Controls ~

L Stick – Movement
B Button – Jump
Y Button – Buster Shot
A Button – Slide
X Button – Special Weapon
L/R Button – Special Weapon Select
ZR Button – Strafe
ZL Button – Support
(-) Button – Special Item
(+) Button – Pause
D-Pad – Pose

~ Moves ~

Movement – Tilting the L Stick lightly in any direction will make Mega Man walk slowly in that direction, while having it fully tilted will make Mega Man run in that direction; he doesn’t have the best speed, but he can start and stop his movement without retaining momentum giving him great control. In Enchanted Mode Mega Man will run faster.

Jump – Just a simple jump done by pressing B, with L Stick being used to move him while in the air; his aerial movement is also the tightest out of all the heroes. Unlike other Super Dream Brigade members that either simply bounce off enemies or damage them, Mega Man himself gets hurt from any contact with an enemy. The Enchanted version gives him more height and distance, and he also does an uppercut while rising which can knock foes into the air.

Buster Shot – A regular shot that Mega Man can fire by pressing Y; only a total of three shots can be on screen at one time. In Enchanted Mode he can fire at a faster rate and five shots can be on screen at one time.

Crouch – Pressing A will make Mega Man duck to avoid attacks and moving the L Stick while crouching will make Mega Man crawl, allowing him to fit under small spaces, take cover behind objects and avoid dangers. In Enchanted Mode Mega Man has faster crawling speed.

Slide – Mega Man quickly dashes forward while staying low by either pressing A while moving or B while crouching; this can be used to fit under small spaces and avoid overhead attacks. The Enchanted version makes the slide faster and travel more distance, as well as hitting enemies.

Low Shot – Pressing Y while crouching will make Mega Man fire low shots from his Mega Buster, which is useful against smaller enemies or large foes with weak points at the bottom.

Special Weapon – Mega Man can use one of the many weapons and items he has by pressing X. Special weapons can be switched around by pressing R or L (unless you’re strafing). If there is no special weapon selected, this automatically defaults to using the Mega Buster. Almost every special item and weapon costs weapon energy. In Enchanted Mode, the Magic Meter can be used as an extra gauge for any special weapon or item, so Mega Man can reserve their own gauges for later use.

Charge Shot – By holding down Y, Mega Man can charge his Mega Buster until he starts glowing to fire larger shot, or held down even more until light starts pouring into him will make him fire an even larger shot upon release. In Enchanted Mode the Mega Buster charges up faster and upon release fires a large shot so fast it looks like a huge laser.

Strafe – Holding ZR will make Mega Man continue facing in one direction while moving, allowing him to keep attacking enemies and avoiding their attacks without having to reposition himself every time; keep in mind that Mega Man can’t change special weapons while strafing. In Enchanted Mode Mega Man will automatically lock on to whatever enemy he’s directly facing and have all his attacks fire in that direction.

Dash – Pressing either R or L while strafing and any direction on the L Stick will make Mega Man quickly dash to avoid enemy attacks, retreat quickly or close the distance while still facing in the same direction. This can be done while in the air as well, but only after passing a certain point in the Story Mode. Pressing L while in Enchanted Mode will make Mega Man quickly teleport a short distance instead.

Special Item – Pressing the (-) button will make Mega Man use his special item.

Pose – Press the D-Pad in any of the four directions to pull off a stylish pose; it doesn’t really do much, but it does keep the Combo Counter going. What Mega Man does is not only dependant on the button, but also what he’s wearing, so try out a range of outfits to see all the ways he can strut his stuff!

Shock Absorber – An automatic effect that Mega Man has while in Enchanted Mode, this allows him to take hits without recoiling.

Currency: Screws

Health System: Vertical health gauge with 28 small bars indicating health; while Mega Man may have the most hit points out of the Super Dream Party, he still has to be wary of high damaging enemy attacks (most normal attacks take away two or three bars anyway).

Special Weapons System: Vertical weapon energy gauge, the amount depends on the Special Weapon or Item as each has their own separate gauges.

~ Pick-Ups ~

Life Energy – Yellow spheres that refill Mega Man’s health. These come in small and large sizes.

Weapon Energy – Blue capsules that refill Mega Man’s weapon and item energy. These come in small and large sizes.

Extra Life – Taking the form of an 8-bit hologram of Mega Man’s head, these give you an extra life.

Yashichi – A very rare item that looks sort of like a pinwheel that completely refills all of Mega Man’s health and weapon energy for all special items and weapons.

~ Items ~

E Tank – This tank will fill all of Mega Man’s health back up. Up to 4 of these can be carried at a time.

W Tank – This tank will fill all of the energy for every special item and weapon Mega Man has. Up to 4 of these can be carried at a time.

S Tank – This tank will fill all of Mega Man’s health and all of the energy for his special items and weapons. Only one of these can be carried at a time.

Beat Whistle – The robot bird Beat will come to save Mega Man if he has fallen into a pit. He appears automatically if Mega falls in, and will fly him to safety; he can only hold on for so long though. Up to 2 of these can be carried at a time.

Spike Guard – This item will allow Mega Man to survive instant death spikes for one time per use, and instead does a small amount of damage. Up to 2 of these can be carried a time.

~ Special Items ~

Rush Coil – Rush the robot dog comes in to help Mega Man reach high places. Rush turns his back into a spring for Mega Man to jump on and get a lot of extra height.

Rush Jet – Rush turns himself into a jet that Mega Man can stand on and fly through areas. Mega Man can still shoot and can also move Rush in any direction while they’re flying using the L Stick.

Rush Search – Rush will come in and sniff out the area he was called at, and if he finds anything interesting like an item, he will bark and dig up the ground to reveal what it is.

Rush Adapter – Upon getting certain parts, Rush will be able to transform himself into the Rush Adapter. Rush will combine with Mega Man and give him the ability to boost himself upwards by pressing B while in the air. Mega Man’s buster will also change, making it so instead of being able to fire half-charged or fully charged shot it will become the Mega Arm, where Mega Man will fire his own arm at enemies; not only does it do lots of damage and home in on enemies, but it can also pick up items and bring them back to him. Pressing X will make Mega Man throw a punch with energy surrounding it that can break barriers and does heavy damage; charging it up more will make the energy bigger and have more range while also making the punch stronger, and can be charged to two levels. The programming for this form is complex, so Serata doesn’t want to risk damaging anything by messing with the Adapter’s functions.

~ Weapons ~

Mega Buster – Mega Man’s own weapon and the one that he starts off with. The Mega Buster shoots small, yellow shots that are relatively weak, but are able to go through walls. A maximum of three shots can be onscreen at one time. Mega Man can also charge up the Mega Buster to make it fire more powerful shots. There are two different levels it can be charged up to, with each level increasing the attack power and size of the buster shot. This weapon has infinite energy and can’t ever run out.

Super Arm – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Guts Man. The Super Arm doesn’t work on its own, and instead only activates when Mega Man is near an object or enemy that can be picked up. Mega Man will lift up the object or enemy (while picked up they can’t hurt you) and will be able to walk and jump around while carrying it. Upon pressing X again, Mega Man will throw the object or enemy in front of him and it will not only cause heavy damage to anything it hits, but will also split off into four parts upon contact that will hurt enemies further. Due to its great power, this weapon requires a fairly large amount of energy for each use.

Electric Gear – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Metal Man. Mega Man will conjure up four electrified, rotating gears that will orbit around him while he moves around. The gears will not only cause decent damage to enemies it touches, but it can also absorb hits and shield Mega Man from harm; the gears can only take so much damage though before they are destroyed. In addition, Mega Man can fire off a gear in whatever direction he wants by pressing X again and a direction on the L Stick at the same time. Due to the power of the gears created, this weapon requires a fairly large amount of energy for each use.

Shadow Blade – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Shadow Man. Mega Man will throw a large four-pointed shuriken in front of him (holding the L Stick up or down will make it go diagonally in that direction) that will go a certain distance before returning to Mega Man. At the cost of extra energy, pressing X again while the Shadow Blade is out will make Mega Man instantly teleport to the same spot the Shadow Blade is in; any enemy near the spot that Mega Man teleports will get damaged by Mega Man slashing them with the weapon so fast that it can barely be seen with the naked eye. Throwing the Shadow Blade costs an average amount of energy to use, and teleporting will cost slightly more.

Solar Eye – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Pharaoh Man. Mega Man will fire a small heat wave, and can be charged up to a maximum of three levels to make it more powerful. Each level charged up makes the Solar Eye a larger and stronger shot, and at full charge it will be able to pierce shields and cause flames to erupt from any surface it is near. A maximum of two uncharged shots can be out at one time. The amount of energy needed to use this weapon depends on the level it is charged up to, with no charge using only a small amount of energy and the maximum charge using a ton of energy.

Napalm Bomb – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Napalm Man. Mega Man will shoot out a bomb forward that will bounce a couple of times and will then detonate, leaving behind a continuous explosion for a second; it will also detonate if it makes contact with an enemy. A maximum of three Napalm Bombs can be out at one time. Each bomb shot out requires a fairly low amount of energy to use.

Mystic Flash – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Centaur Man. Mega Man will create a massive white flash that covers the entire screen, and all enemies and obstacles will be significantly slowed down. While time has been slowed down, Mega Man still controls at regular speed, and can still fire his Mega Buster at enemies; the Mega Buster also does more damage and charged shots can pierce shields. Due to its space/time warping ability this weapon requires a very large amount of energy.

Vampire Noise – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Shade Man. Mega Man will shoot out a large wave of sound that travels slowly; upon hitting a wall or armoured enemy it will bounce off and go in the opposite direction. When Mega Man is hit by his own Vampire Noise, he will absorb the energy and get charged up; he can then fire the weapon again and it will become a larger, armour-piercing sound wave that does more damage. The initial sound wave can hit up to two enemies, and if it destroys an enemy and then gets reflected back to Mega Man, he will regain some life energy. A maximum of two Vampire Noise attacks can be out at one time. This weapon requires an average amount of energy to use.

Tornado Slash – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Tengu Man. Mega Man will slash a three-edged blade upwards and make a small tornado slowly rise upwards in front of him, hitting anything in its path multiple times. Mega Man can get himself caught in this tornado to give him a boost upwards. A maximum of three tornadoes can be out at one time, though Mega Man can still continue slashing while he has the tornadoes present. This weapon requires a fairly small amount of energy for every tornado created, but doesn’t require any energy to simply slash with the weapon.

Hydro Laser – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Splash Woman. Mega Man will fire a high-pressure stream of water that can pierce shields and go through enemies. Pressing X while a Hydro Laser is out will cause a laser to shoot from either side of where the initial stream is. This can be done a maximum of three times, with each split off laser making the initial Hydro Laser lose some power and its piercing capabilities; if it is done three times the Hydro Laser itself will disappear entirely. This weapon requires a slightly above average amount of energy to use.

Chill Spike – The weapon Mega Man obtains from Chill Man. Mega Man will shoot out a glob of light blue liquid that upon contact with any surface will make a short line of ice spikes appear, damaging any enemy that touches them. If the liquid glob hits an enemy, they will become frozen in place. A maximum of two of these liquid globs can be out at one time. This weapon can be charged when holding X, and upon release will make a continuous wave of larger ice spikes appear that will travel along the floor and up walls. This weapon requires aa fairly low amount of energy to use for normal shots, while the charged version requires a fairly large amount of energy to use.

~ Stage Elements ~

Water – Being a robot, Mega Man doesn’t have to worry too much when underwater as he doesn’t need to restore air to avoid harm and his movement is largely unhindered, with the only change being his jumps going higher and making him floatier. He can also swim by pressing B when not touching the floor, which will make him do a brief breaststroke that will push him upwards and forwards.

Eddie – This little transforming robot suitcase will not only serve as a checkpoint for Mega Man wherever he appears, ensuring he respawns there after losing a life, but will also drop a random pick-up to help out his pal such as Life or Weapon Energy (sometimes he’ll even drop an E Tank).

Ladder – Mega Man can climb ladders by pressing B near them, and simply go up or down by moving the L Stick in that direction; pressing B again will make him jump off, A will make him drop off and he can fire his Mega Buster or Special Weapons in any direction along with the L Stick.

Target – The switches that Mega Man will occasionally find mainly take the form of targets that activate once shot at to create paths or remove obstacles.

Robot Master – At the end of each of Mega Man’s stages he will encounter an enemy Robot Master (who it is depends on the zone) that he must defeat in order to finish the stage. Different stages within the zone will affect the attack patterns of the Robot Master. In Story Mode, most of the enemy Robot Masters are only encountered once and will not appear again in stages of the same zone.

Marker Point – Mostly appearing only in Story Mode, these glowing blue circles composed of computer coding are what Mega Man must reach to activate (turning them green to confirm his location) in order to finish the stage, and essentially replace the Robot Master that would otherwise be there.

This is the revised version for Mega Man’s gameplay information in my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party. His gameplay has probably gone through the most major changes; not only are a large amount of unnecessary items and weapons taken out, but his gameplay is now going to be in 3D like the rest of the playable character. It may be polarizing for classic fans, but for the sake of consistency and new ideas I decided to write it that way; I do actually think the Mega Man formula can work in 3D, if the Legends series is anything to go by. 

Honest criticism and suggestions for improvement are encouraged. Up next is the adventuring duo Finn and Jake’s gameplay info. Take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 

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