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Super Dream Party: Mario

~ Summary ~

Mario’s gameplay is by far the simplest out of all the heroes in the Super Dream Party. His stages consist of mainly regular platforming and obstacles, not much of which his allies won’t experience. What Mario excels at is being good in many standard attributes; his power, speed, agility and swimming ability are great, and his stamina is pretty decent as well. What separates him from the other heroes is that he has the best natural jumping ability, and he can perform many acrobatic manoeuvres such as jumping off walls and increasing the height of his jumps with ease. Mario can also acquire new abilities through certain items that power him up and make him an even more versatile fighter. What Mario has most of all is the most experience, regardless of what enemies he must face or challenges that come at him, he can always find a way to persevere and outmanoeuvre any danger.

~ Controls ~

L Stick – Movement
R Stick – Change camera angle
B Button – Jump
Y Button – Attack
X Button – Power-Up
A Button – Hammer
R Button – Dash
L Button – Spin
ZR Button – Crouch
ZL Button – Support
(-) Button – Use spare item
(+) Button – Pause
D-Pad – Pose

~ Actions ~

Movement – Tilting the L Stick lightly in any direction will make Mario walk slowly in that direction, while having it fully tilted will make Mario run in that direction. In Enchanted Mode Mario will run even faster, and if he runs into any enemy (that isn’t too big) he will still take damage, but will only lose a small amount of speed before going super fast again.

Jump – Just a simple jump by pressing B, with the height being determined by how long you have it pressed, and the L Stick is also used to influence Mario’s movement in mid-air. This is Mario’s main method of defeating enemies by stomping on their heads; holding the B button or timing the press just as he lands on them will make him bounce higher. The Enchanted version of this not only makes Mario jump even higher, but also makes him attack enemies on the way up with an uppercut. Landing on enemies in Enchanted Mode will allow Mario to ride on their heads and control where they go (provided they can move) before jumping off at max height by pressing B again.

Triple Jump – Press B right at the moment you land on the ground after a jump to increase the height. Do this again after the second jump and Mario will gain even more height while also doing a front flip and landing on the ground with a pose. The Enchanted version gives Mario more height, has the same attacking properties as an Enchanted Jump and doing the third jump will make him invincible until he lands.

Sideflip – Go in one direction, suddenly change to the opposite direction then press B to do a jump with more height than usual. The Enchanted version makes Mario immune to projectiles until he lands and also makes him do a flip kick to attack airborne enemies.

Backflip – This can either be done in the same way as doing a Sideflip, or it can be done by crouching (holding ZR) and pressing B, making him to a jump with as much height as a Sideflip. The Enchanted version has the same properties as an Enchanted Sideflip as well.

Attack – Pressing Y will make Mario jab with his left hand, pressing it again will make him jab with his right and pressing it once more will make him do a forward kick that knocks enemies back; a simple combo, but it will at least do good damage to any enemy that isn’t defeated by it. In Enchanted Mode each attack will do more damage as well as produce a coin with every successful hit.

Air Attack – Pressing Y while in the air will make Mario do a front kick, which also stops his falling momentum for a brief moment. The Enchanted version does more damage, juggles airborne enemies and produces a coin if it successfully hits.

Hammer – After passing a certain point in the Story Mode, Mario will acquire a fairly large hammer that he can pound the ground with by holding A until he has it fully ready to swing down; not holding long enough will make Mario cancel the attack, and holding it for too long will make Mario fall backwards (though it can still hurt enemies, just in a comical way). The hammer can be used to break tough objects and damage armoured enemies, but can only be used while he’s on the ground and reduces his movement speed while it’s held out. In Enchanted Mode Mario can hold out the hammer for as long as he wants, has enhanced movement speed (though still slower than normal running), is able to jump a small height will still having it out (and being able to slam it in mid-air) and if A is released while standing Mario can defeat almost any foe with the a direct hit and a shockwave will be created that knocks nearby mooks off their feet.

Dash – By holding R while moving Mario can run faster than his regular speed. Mario is the second fastest runner of the Super Dream Brigade. Because the R button is also used for Enchanted Mode while holding ZL, Mario is constantly moving at enhanced speed while enchanted.

Pick Up – Mario can pick up items by holding R next to an item that can be picked up. Pressing Y will make Mario throw that item.

Spin Attack – Mario can spin around briefly to attack enemies around him and hit obstacles by pressing L. The Enchanted version has Mario spin around for longer if L is held, and also draws in enemies and items that are nearby.

Air Spin – Press L while in the air to spin around and briefly halt Mario’s falling momentum. The Enchanted version allows Mario to spin for a longer time if L is held and lets him hover for while spinning.

Spin Jump – Pressing B while spinning with L makes Mario continuously spin while he’s jumping, pushing away any enemies that come into contact with him as well as letting him bounce off of an otherwise harmful object such as a spike for one time if he lands on it; however Mario has less control of his movement in the air doing this kind of jump, so be careful where you use it. The Enchanted version gives the jump more height, damages any enemy it touches, allows Mario to land on harmful objects twice before hitting the ground, gains a coin from any enemy he lands on while using it and will not get knocked out of it from projectiles (though they’ll still do damage).

Crouch – By pressing ZR Mario can duck and avoid certain attacks as well as fit into some small spaces by crawling with the L Stick. In Enchanted Mode Mario will take reduced damage (or sometimes none at all) from enemy attacks while crouching, and has enhanced movement speed while crawling as well.

Low Attack – Pressing Y while crouching with ZR will make Mario sweep kick in front of him, hitting smaller enemies and briefly tripping up larger ones as well. The Enchanted version will make Mario sweep with both legs all around him, producing a coin with any successful hit, knocking all smaller enemies away and tripping up larger enemies so hard that they’ll be sent flipping into the air.

Crouch Slide – While running, press ZR to go into a crouching position while moving forward from the momentum. The Enchanted running will make crouch slides travel further. This can also be done during a Long Jump for a bit more distance.

Long jump – While performing a Crouch Slide, press B to do a jump that covers a lot of horizontal ground, though not much vertical. The Enchanted version covers more distance and upon hitting an enemy either on the ground or in the air with Mario’s feet he will push them some distance on the ground before riding them like with an Enchanted jump.

Slide Kick – While performing a Crouch Slide, press Y to have Mario do a sliding kick that gives him a little bit of extra distance. The Enchanted version has him get even more distance and knocks any enemy he hits with it into the air.

Flying Attack – While performing a Long Jump, press Y to make Mario perform a flying kick to hit airborne enemies. The Enchanted version makes Mario swing his fist forward and downwards instead, breaking enemy barriers and knocking enemies away hard enough to make them slide across the floor and hit other enemies.

Aerial Roll – While performing a Long Jump, Pressing L will make Mario spin and allow him to change aerial direction with the L Stick. The Enchanted version makes Mario do a spinning kick with both feet, hitting any enemy he touches and giving him a small boost of distance and speed while in the air.

Ground pound – In mid-air, press ZR to make Mario briefly stop all aerial momentum, do a frontflip in the air, and then quickly go straight down; this can be used to break blocks, push switches and defeat tougher enemies. The Enchanted version has Mario immediately go down at an even faster rate, and almost immediately goes into a neutral position afterwards allowing him to move freely without too much recovery.

Wall Jump – While sliding against a wall in mid-air, Mario can jump off for extra height by pressing B. The Enchanted version simply gives Mario more height.

Pose – Press the D-Pad in any of the four directions to pull off a stylish pose; it doesn’t really do much, but it does keep the Combo Counter going. What Mario does is not only dependant on the button, but also what he’s wearing, so try out a range of outfits to see all the ways he can strut his stuff!

Currency: Coins

Health System: Mario has 8 hit points represented like a pie; when he’s only got one or two hit points left he’ll become Small Mario, whose abilities will be weakened (though at least he can fit into smaller space this way).

~ Pick-Ups ~

Super Mushroom – Gives Mario back three hit points and is guaranteed to return him to normal size if he was Small Mario. If Mario is already at full health when he gets this it will be put in his item reserve; if he already has a power-up in the item reserve however it will simply give him extra points.

1-Up Mushroom – Gives Mario an extra life.

Super Star – This bouncing, shiny star will grant Mario temporary invincibility and let him defeat any enemy simply by touching them. After defeating a certain amount of enemies while invincible, any enemy after that who is defeated will give Mario an extra life. Whatever power this star contains is so great that not even Serata can do anything to enhance its properties.

~ Power-Ups ~

When Mario gets a power-up, he will not only get the abilities of that power-up form and 4 hit points recovered, but will also be able to survive an extra 2 hits in that form; if he is reduced to 4 hit points he loses his powered up form. If Mario already has a power-up form when he gets another power-up, the power-up form he has on will go into the item reserve and he will take the form of the power-up he just got. If regular Mario gets a power-up, a Super Mushroom will appear in his item reserve. You can make the power-up in the item reserve come out for Mario to take and get the form of it by pressing the (-) button.

Fire Flower – This red and yellow flower turns Mario into Fire Mario. Fire Mario is able to throw fireballs from his hands by pressing X, which can easily take out most low-level enemies and can also set certain objects aflame. By using his Spin Attack, Fire Mario can also throw fireballs in 4-different directions at once. In addition, Fire Mario’s normal attacks become wreathed in flames, doing more damage to enemies. In Enchanted mode, the fireballs are now semi-homing projectiles that seek out enemies, and can also set them on fire which causes damage over time (which can also be done through normal attacks as well).

Super Feather – This seemingly simple feather will turn Mario into Cape Mario. Cape Mario is able to swipe his cape to attack enemies and deflect certain projectiles by pressing X. When Cape Mario is at full speed from running, he can start flying after jumping by holding B to rise and then release to fall. He can also achieve flight by pressing B after performing a backflip or a triple jump. The flight only lasts a certain period of time, and Cape Mario will return to his normal state after the time has elapsed. While in the air normally, Cape Mario can hover by tapping B. In Enchanted mode, swinging the cape makes a small tornado briefly appear to deflect projectiles and lift enemies into the air; in addition it makes his flight time longer and makes him go faster through the air.

Ice Flower – This round, blue flower turns Mario into Ice Mario. Similar to his fiery form in terms of ability, Ice Mario is able throw balls of ice by pressing X, and these balls will freeze enemies into a solid ice block allowing him to pick them up by spinning into them and throw them or use them as platforms. Ice Mario can also use the Spin Attack to throw ice balls in different directions, and he can also freeze certain obstacles and elements such as water. Ice Mario is also able to run on water, but only if he as at full speed or else he will simply fall in. In Enchanted mode, the ice balls now explode and freeze anything in the blast; Ice Mario can now also stand on water without having to run, and if he spins while underwater a platform made of ice will appear beneath him to bring him up to the surface.

Monkey Suit – This silly looking costume shaped like a monkey turns Mario into Monkey Mario. Monkey Mario is the fastest of all of Mario’s forms, and holding R while up against walls will allow him to run on them in any direction. His normal attacks come out much faster now, and can cancel his standard combo at any time by spinning out of it, instantly making him resume to a neutral state (allowing him to restart the combo again if you wish). Pressing X will make Monkey Mario summon a decoy version of himself that dances around and can be used to distract enemies or be put on switches to keep them in place; up to three of these can be out at once and are signified by what part of their face their covering with their hands (one has them over his eyes, another has them over his ears and the last one over his mouth). In Enchanted mode he can cling to walls and stay there, can attack constantly while running and have his decoys go after and attack enemies by holding X and pressing Y.

Dolphin Suit – This sleek looking costume shaped like a dolphin turns Mario into Aqua Mario. Aqua Mario is the slowest on land, although when he’s running he can press ZR to slide and take out some enemies. Pressing X will make Aqua Mario fire a stream of water that doesn’t damage enemies, but does push them back while making them briefly stunned; it can also remove some defences like fire shields. The Spin Attack for Aqua Mario is also slightly different as it swipes his tail vertically (as opposed to horizontally as with other forms), when used on an enemy it will give him a small boost into the air. Where Aqua Mario really shines however is of course in the water. Aqua Mario has much better handling and speed while underwater than any other form, is able to attack and can also leap out of the water very high if he has enough speed. In Enchanted mode Aqua Mario can move faster by holding ZR while moving, making him slide on a pool of water that’s always underneath him; additionally his water streams and flip attack have wider range.

~ Stage Elements ~

Blocks – Floating cube-shaped blocks appear frequently in Mario’s stages and can come in many types; he can interact with them by hitting them from underneath with his jump. Brick Blocks can be broken (unless Mario is small), while ? Blocks can contain a variety of things ranging from coins to power-ups and sometimes enemies. There are other types that Mario may encounter on his journey.

Checkpoint Flag – Touching this flag that usually appears at certain intervals in stages will not only fully restore Mario’s health but also make sure that he respawns there after losing a life.

Switch – The switches that Mario can interact with are usually buttons that can create new paths or get rid of obstacles; one particular type turns coins into brick blocks and vice versa for a short period of time.

Springboard – Mario can bounce on springs by landing on them, and if B is pressed at the moment he lands he will bounce higher.

Vines – Vines (or other similarly shaped objects) can be climbed by Mario just by jumping on them; moving the L Stick will change where he’s facing, R will make him climb up, ZR will make him climb down and B will make him jump off in whatever direction he’s facing.

Key – Some doors or other entrances that Mario can enter are blocked by locks that he must unlock with an oversized key that is usually hidden elsewhere or require a puzzle to be completed.

Pipe – Mario can enter these large green pipes by moving in the direction there entrance is facing (press ZR when on top of one facing up, and jump up into one facing down) that can take him to other parts of the stage.

Water – Mario is able to move freely underwater (albeit slowly) and can hold his breath for a fairly good amount of time, but once he runs out of oxygen his hit points will start decreasing; getting out of the water will replenish any hit points he lost underwater. Mario can move in any direction with L Stick, holding R will make him swim faster through the water in small bursts, holding B will make him rise to the water’s surface and holding ZR will make him sink to the bottom. In Enchanted Mode Serata will provide him with unlimited oxygen.

Fence – Mario can climb fences or other similar walls just by jumping on them and pressing Y. He can freely move in any direction with the L Stick and jump off by pressing B.

Goal Pole – These appear at the end of each stage and are what Mario must reach to finish the stage. More points will be earned depending on how high manages to reach on the long pole, with landing on the very top earning him the most.

This is the revised version for Mario’s gameplay information in my crossover fan-game idea Super Dream Party. All of the characters have been updated in plenty of similar ways, namely the addition of Enchanted Mode (courtesy of my OC Serata the Fairy), info on the recurring obstacles and elements in their stages and making their movement more universal (every character now has a crouch); some of the gameplay changes and terms were actually inspired by fighting game mechanics, with the Enchanted Mode being based off EX special moves.

Mario in particular has been given more health to make him more formidable and in line with his Super Mario 64 incarnation (though he still ought to be careful), two new methods of attack (his own kung-fu and a powerful hammer) and in exchange for the Bear Suit (too slow and cumbersome) and the Beetle Suit (felt unnecessary) he’s been given the Monkey Suit. This all makes Mario more of a fighter, and he’s now capable of pulling off neat combos with his array of attacks, jumping techniques and power-ups. While he doesn’t excel at anything in particular in the same way Sonic excels at speed, I still think he would be a fun character to play. 

Once again Super Dream Party would be played on the Wii U, so the controls are assuming the player is using either a gamepad, classic controller or pro controller. Just like before and always, honest criticism is heavily encouraged, and if you have any suggestions for things that you might think could make this or the other character’s gameplay sound a bit more exciting then by all means leave a comment; If there’s also information that you felt was either left out or not properly explained please tell me. Anyway, up next is Mario’s classic rival Sonic’s gameplay info. Take care everybody <3 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 

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