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Super Dream Party: Enemies

A villainous mastermind is never without their minions, and with a dubious team of five there will no doubt be many minions that the heroes of the SDP will have to face against. Fortunately for the good guys and Arcobaln, the bad guys are limited in some ways either due to a lack of resources, lack of loyal minions or just not enough minions coming through to Arcobaln with them. Even still, the evil craftiness of the supervillains will pose a great challenge. Listed below are the majority of mooks that will appear in Super Dream Party; there are still other baddies and team-ups that have yet to be revealed.

~ Bowser’s Forces ~

The King of Koopas is infamous in his world for being able to recruit all kinds of species to join his menacing army and create many mad machines. Though a vast number of soldier types are missing in his current situation, Bowser will make best with what he’s got. No matter how mean their boss can be, the loyalty of his minions is unwavering, in no small part thanks to his surprising amount of respect and care towards them.

Goomba - One of two species that make up the main mean meat of Bowser’s army, these small mushroom-like armless critters are as abundant as the strands of hair on a hippy’s head and the SDP will be sure to encounter many of them. Though undisputedly one of the weakest foes, they won’t hesitate to rush headlong at any enemy they see regardless how tough they look; bravery however won’t stop a simply hop on the head to defeat. There are also winged variants known as Para-Goombas that are slightly harder to defeat than their grounded counterparts.

Koopa Troopa - The other of the two species that make up the baddy bread and butter of the Koopa King’s corps, these turtles are free to move in and out of their shell that can come in red or green. The shells offer an extra bit of protection and Koopa Troopas can spin around in them to rush at their enemies at high speeds. Unlike their equally common comrade they are quick to chicken out and hide if they feel outmatched. Like Goombas however they also have winged versions, as well as another variant that has them wielding heavy hammers; they are closely related to a species that are better suited using weaponry, but they appear to be unavailable.

Piranha Plant - These vicious, carnivorous plants are known for eating anything that comes their way, hiding in long pipes and other dark, narrow areas and waiting for prey to unwittingly stumble upon them. There exists a variant that will pop out to shoot fireballs at enemies for a cooked meal; how they don’t set themselves on fire is a mystery.

Lakitu - A species of Koopa that has adapted to riding on clouds through the skies and have a history of being particularly heckling to the Mario Bros. by following them wherever they go from up high while throwing Spinies. Fortunately for the SDP, the Lakitu are without their spike-covered companions, and are forced to improvise for ammo. When they aren’t directly attacking they act as security and whistle-blowers, alerting other enemies to the presence of any hero they spot.

Bullet Bill - A sentient bullet-like projectile commonly shot out of cannons to blast apart their foes, they can commonly be found in areas that are controlled by the villains or put on mobile transport for large scale assaults. They come in other variants including ones that home in on enemies, underwater torpedoes and much larger and meaner missiles.

Blooper - Squid-like creatures commonly found in underwater areas that can swim freely in erratic patterns to move in and attack their prey. Some variants can shoot ink-like projectiles, others use ink as an obscuring cloud while escaping or hoping to confuse their foes, and there are larger ones with longer tentacles ready to ensnare those not on their guard.

Bob-Omb - Despite their cute looks, these mobile mechanical bombs require caution to handle without getting hurt in the explosion that they are infamous for. Some are willing to start the timer of their destruction the second they see a hero, while others are fine with being left alone until attacked. Despite their loyalty to Bowser, they can benefit the SDP through being used to blow up structures that would otherwise be obstacles for the heroes.

Thwomp - These large, animate, spiky cinderblocks aren’t fond of anyone conceited enough to just walk under them, and will furiously attempt to crush them before moving back into position. Hiding out in ceilings or sometimes disguising as walls, heroes should be cautious around areas controlled by the SDP, as there are few things that can destroy Thwomps.

~ Eggman’s Forces ~

The Badniks are a diverse array of robotic villains created by Eggman, many of which are based off different animal species that are placed in zones best suited for them; incidentally enough the main power source of Badniks happen to be small animals. With limited materials and little opportunity to experiment Eggman and Wily both will have to prioritise what models they choose to bring back to contribute to the CSM.

Egg Pawn - The Egg Pawn model has become a favourite of Eggman’s since he first created them, possibly because of their vaguely similar builds and expendability. These Badniks can wield a range of weaponry, shields and operate machinery, though despite this they aren’t terribly hard to outwit despite how equipped they can be. To make up for this fault they will try to attack in groups alongside other weak minions with similar tactics, hoping that through some form of math-based logic that they’ll defeat the heroes eventually.

Bladed Spinner - These small surveillance drones with bat-like features stay aloft using bladed wings as a propeller, making them a threat just to touch. Despite this, they are relatively harmless as they only stay in one spot at a time, making a well-placed jump or shot easy to make to defeat them. Some variants include an electrical one that can deliver nasty shocks if enemies come close at the wrong time and heavily armoured ones that are indestructible (and yet still don’t attack, which is kind of a waste).

Buzz Bomber - One of the earliest Badnik models, these bee-like robots chase down their enemies and hover menacingly while shooting from their rail detonator cannons; they can also rush and sting their foes at high speeds. Because reloading requires them to stay still however they often times leave themselves vulnerable to attack while close by. Some of them are equipped with rocket launchers which make their attacks more threatening, yet take twice as long to reload.

Chopper - Choppers are piranha-like robots that are small in size but big in bite, and aren’t afraid to jump out of the water to take chunk a surprise chomp on unsuspecting foes. Underwater these feisty fiends come in schools that are ready to menace anyone going for a swim, and larger variants exist if Eggman decides he doesn’t like someone’s boat.

Crabmeat - As the name suggests, they are crab-like robots that scuttle around and shoot energy projectiles or sometimes missiles from their clamping claws. To make them more formidable some variants have spiked tops, while others are given shields that push back enemies at high speeds like bumpers. Though small, they have a large ego and won’t hesitate to gloat and laugh upon successfully hitting their targets, leaving them open to have their celebration cut short.

Burrobot - Launching assaults from beneath the ground, these mole-like Badniks use their drill-like noses and powerful claws to make their way through the earth before popping up when they think their enemies won’t expect it. Preferring underground areas, these mooks are also adept in some underwater situations or in causing destruction to structures outside of their leader’s controlled area.

Orbinaut - Orbinaut models are classed as sphere-like Badniks based off sea urchins that float around while surrounded by orbiting spiked balls that explode on contact. Their greatest defence can be used as an offence by throwing them at enemies, but once thrown they are left defenceless and free target practice. Variants can be found in areas where material that can be weaponised is found, sometimes using that material itself to defend and attack with.

Egg Fighter - Another model of robot based on the rotund creator himself, these soldiers are tougher, more cunning and more capable than their smaller and earlier counterparts the Egg Pawns. On the other hand they also require more materials to mass produce, so their use and placement is mostly restricted to areas of high importance to the CSM or in attack squads for particularly valuable objectives. Though capable of many weapons, Egg Fighters have a preference for close combat and are often found with saw-like swords and electrified shields.

~ Wily’s Forces ~

While a very capable roboticist, Dr. Wily more often than not resorts to stealing existing robot models used for purposes that benefit mankind and reworking them with weapons. Over the course of his many attempts to conquer the world Wily has amassed all kinds of robots for different environments, and despite a lot of them having admittedly goofy appearances (which is standard for the CSM really) they pose a great threat nonetheless.

Met - A common robot that appears many times during any of Wily’s shenanigans, and this time is no different. Though cute enough to be a mascot and popular plush toy, these little guys can be a pain to deal with on the count of their indestructible hard hats that make up a large portion of their appearance, and even more so when they constantly hide under them when being attacked, only coming out briefly to shoot three diverging bullets. A common variant is one that can walk and jump a short distance, while other variations are ones that can fly with a little propeller or ones that can swim underwater.

Sniper Joe - These humanoid robots are another common staple of Wily’s army that deal with intruders in a similar way to Mets. They hide behind large shields that are near impenetrable and wait for the right time to attack by shooting a series of bullets, occasionally jumping to another position if it seems advantageous. They are capable of operating machinery, riding vehicles and using other types of weaponry, a common variant being one that uses a machine gun to try whittle their enemies into dust.

Telly - Tellies are cylindrical security robots with camera eyes that will slowly close in on enemies to give them a painful shove, and it’s assured that they’ll appear in places where it’s least convenient to be hit. Though slow and easy to destroy, they are found in areas where more of them can constantly appear, causing non-stop frustration for anyone passing by. There is also a variant that can drop bombs, adding further annoyance to the heroes.

Shield Attacker - This flying robot peeks it’s comically large eyes through the large shield attached to its front to silently mock their unsuccessful enemies that are unable to penetrate the shield with their attacks before turning around and periodically shooting at them while they have their vulnerable backs turned. Though they may seem like irritable obstacles, they can easily be caught off guard by quickly moving to their weak point when they don’t expect it.

Bunby Tank - Though they may seem like ordinary attack robots at first, the main controlling part of the Bunby Tank is not the body with tank treads and it’s two rocket cannons but rather the head that will detach and fly off when the rest of the body is destroyed and bum rush the destroyer. There is also a variant that has the head (known as the Bunby Top) attempt to use a claw-like pincer under it to catch their enemies and drop them off in a place that won’t be pleasant.

Pipi - Named after the sound these robotic birds make, Pipis themselves are no significant threat but rather the oversized egg they carry which upon dropping will crack and reveal Copipis, much smaller versions of their mama that all attack their enemy at once. Copipis can arrange in different patterns and attack in different orders depending on the situation, and while they usually run away after dropping the egg, the Pipis will occasionally swoop at the enemy from behind while their own minions are attacking.

Classical Cannon - These cannons can usually be found along the perimeter of CSM controlled areas or on attack ships, and fire exploding pellets that split off into damaging fragments on a parabolic trajectory. They can swivel around in any direction to face their targets. Variants include that can hide behind a shield while reloading before firing again, while another is one that can shoot slow-moving, homing electrical balls.

Adhering Suzy - Sometimes referred to as an Octopus Battery, either name is validated by this barricade robot with its single large eye at the centre of four metal suction cups that allow it to stick to any surface, and frequently moves from spot to spot to try impede the progress of the heroes. There’s also a variant that adjusts itself to different directions of gravity and can shoot from either side of its body.

~ Magic Man’s Forces ~

Not usually known for taking in servants (or for that matter having good relations with anyone) the effects of Arcobaln itself has severely hampered Magic Man’s abilities like it has for any other magic user, and in wanting to restore power has resorted to smooth talking other nasties from the Land of Ooo as well as dabbling in realms of magic he doesn’t usually explore such as necromancy and talking to animals.

Skeleton Soldier - Recently Magic Man has taken to dabbling in the cursed art of necromancy, and puts it to bad use by summoning an army of mindless skeleton warriors to fight good guys with an array of melee and ranged weapons. Though they aren’t terribly difficult to blast into pieces, these relentless revenants can easily reassemble to continue their onslaught, and require a little something extra in order to bury them for good.

Flying Gnome - Small winged critters hailing from Mount Cragdor that enjoy fewer things in life than making people (especially well-meaning people) feel miserable, and have no trouble making others suffer to make that happen. They are able to shoot small blasts of lightning from their hands, and others can use knives and pickpocket for items to use against their victims.

Attack(?) Animals - If there was ever a collective group that demonstrated moral ambiguity best, it would be these small woodland animals. Consisting of tortoises with hammers taped all over their shells and rabbits with knives and forks attached to their head and feet, touching these non-aggressive creatures will surely hurt, but do they mean it? It’s clear that Magic Man put the objects on them himself, but they don’t seem to mind getting in the way of heroes anyway, or are they just unaware of their potential damage? Maybe they’re under mind control, or perhaps there truly is malevolence in their little souls.

Hypno Worm - While they are very tiny, these green worms can cause a lot of trouble by making annoying noises that hypnotise people into a tranced state before attempting to cover them and slowly damage them. Though very easy to defeat (just step on them) they can be found where other more dangerous foes are around, making the dangers of being stunned that much greater. The damage they inflict is less physical and more psychological, as their trances put victims into nightmarish and totally bizarre mindscapes.

Flame Jerk - An adept mage hired by Magic Man to help him cause trouble, this particular wizard specializes in fire magic to burn foes to ashes and set areas alight to trap potential victims. One of only two that Magic Man was able to win over out of the four types of mages; he was unable to win over Candy Mages due to their affiliation with the Candy Kingdom and Slime Mages because of how clingy they could get. Flame Jerks are able to enchant others to have fiery properties.

Ice Jerk - Another mage type that Magic Man was able to convince to help him, though neither type of mage did so because of respect or liking (Magic Man does refer to them constantly as jerks after all) but just because they like causing mayhem and venting their anger and disdain on people that aren’t in any way involved with their personal problems. Ice Jerks freeze their foes with ice and can shape the cold element into spikes to trap or skewer them; additionally they can enchant their designated allies with powers of frost.

Crystal Guardian - A nigh indestructible being composed of shape-shifting crystal that forms itself into crude mockeries of anyone that tries to access an area or object it’s guarding, even able to copy some of the originals abilities and vaguely mimic their voice. Destroying these creatures requires either something very big, very powerful or a bit of trickery as they will move anywhere the one they’re copying will, so they can be tricked into falling into pits or other traps just by moving in the right spot.

~ Chrysalis’s Forces ~

Once queen of the dreaded shapeshifting Changelings, Chrysalis has become a much weaker power not just because her Changelings are no longer dreaded or ruled by her, but also because of Arcobaln limiting her already depleted power. Now she has had to resort almost entirely to deceit and negotiating in order to amass her own forces composed of other Equestrian creatures and monsters in order to satisfy the CSM’s dire need of legions.

Pantera - Having had her whole hive of Changelings become allied with the ponies of Equestria, Chrysalis was forced to find another group of capable species to control in order to enact revenge. She decided to disguise herself as the dread creature Ahuizotl and manipulate his army of jungle cats to side with her, unaware of the former Changeling queen’s nature. Unfortunately for her, the only species that ended up coming with her through the dimension where Arcobaln is found was the least intimidating; the common house cat.

Parasprite - Though these tiny winged insects are utterly adorable, they are in reality a real menace due to their voracious appetite for virtually everything and rapid multiplication allowing them to become devastating plagues given enough time. While it’s not known how much the CSM actually controls these critters, it’s easy to see that they have no problems taking advantage of the strife these pests cause.

Timberwolf - With a glowing green glare and a husky breath, these animate piles of wood and other plant material in the form of fearsome wolves strike fear into the heart of ordinary citizens in the dead of night. Hunting in packs and relentless with their pouncing and swiping claws, extra caution should be taken in fighting against these dangerous predators, and just a little more caution to make sure they stay dismantled as they can easily reassemble if they have enough energy.

Cockatrice - “The head of a chicken and the body of a snake” may sound ridiculous, but make no mistake as these winged fiends have the terrifying power to turn unsuspecting victims to stone with their deadly gaze if exposed for too long. Though the effects of petrification can be easily reversed with enough struggling and giving the snake-chicken (Snicken) a good whack, there are usually other threats that heroes will have to look out for while slowly losing mobility. These creatures are also not above petrifying other enemies in the CSM army to hide behind as stone shields.

Vampire Fruit Bat - Freakish bats that fly in large swarms during the night to suck the juice from apples and other fruit dry. Despite their appearance and apparent threat to agriculture, they are actually beneficial in their own land as they spit out seeds that grow trees, making them important to the environment. The problem comes here when most of the fruit have seeds that the bats are able swallow and digest, and are apparently delectable as they regularly leave nothing left in their nightly raids, making them a pest for locals.

Bugbear - The Bugbear is a large monster that was once captured and imprisoned in the supernatural prison Tartarus, but possibly through recent events regarding dimensional travel it has managed to escape to wreak havoc once more. With the body (plus two extra limbs) of a bear and the wings and stinger of a bumblebee, this brute is a destructive combination of speed and power, and is capable of some truly devastating close-range attacks. If its ambivalence to the rest of the CSM army is any indication, Chrysalis may have swayed them over to her side, or perhaps even she is responsible for its escape in the first place.

Cragadile - Menacing beasts that are commonly found in dangerous and dark areas with plenty of water and prey. Their rock-like hide makes them very formidable creatures, and if one isn’t able to hurt it enough to fend it off then they risk getting a large bite taken out of them or put into a vicious death roll that slowly drains them of energy and oxygen as they are dragged deeper into the water they hide in.

~ Team-Up Forces ~

Because of their limitations the leaders of the CSM have sucked up their swollen pride and agree to join forces, and that agreement has become reflected in the tactics they have taken to fill in the gaps left by minions that didn’t end up in Arcobaln and to strengthen their army. Below are some tag team pairings between enemies of different masters, using their strengths to either cover up weaknesses in others or to double their capabilities.

Bazooka Pawn - Egg Pawns that have been armed with launchers that fire fast moving Bullet Bills, making them a mobile force to be reckoned with; attacking them while they’re reloading would be a good bet.

Bee Goomba - In an effort to make them seem more useful, it was decided that Buzz Bombers would be used as armour for Goombas, which surprisingly makes them tougher and more relentless than either of them on their own.

Bomber Joe - When they feel like a gun and shield isn’t enough, Sniper Joes will sometimes arm themselves with Bob-Ombs to apply further pressure to their enemies, while making sure to take cover themselves.

Helmet Roller - With the mobility of a Koopa Troopa and the defence of a Met, this duo can heckle heroes with their unstoppable rush. Eventually all the spinning around will make them dizzy and vulnerable, so maybe the combo isn’t that flawless after all.

Discount Spinies - With Spinies unavailable in Arcobaln Lakitus are forced to find a substitute; apparently not favoured by the CSM budget, the only thing that could have the same effect was the Attack Animals.

Ice Bro.(?) - In another attempt to emulate their Bro. brethren Koopa Troopas have convinced Ice Jerks to enchant them with frosty powers to stop enemies in their tracks with ice balls.

Cat Goomba - Having an overwhelming desire for power and control, the cats of Ahuizotl have bullied Goombas into becoming their slaves, and order them to rush at enemies to swipe at with their claws; they can also climb up walls to continue their pursuit.

Builder Lakitu - A riskier but more worthwhile tactic by Lakitus is to throw Timberwolf parts at enemies, which slowly assemble into an increasingly more complete beast to menace those on the ground while their masters are safe in the sky.

Bad Dudes - With similar masters and being even more similar beings, Egg Fighters and Sniper Joes tend to get along well and can be seen teaming behind the same shield and combining their tactics to attack enemies from, both close range and afar by closing in and covering each other.

Flying Met - By combining Buzz Bombers and Mets the CSM have successfully created a flying robot with formidable defence and a mean spread shooter, though their underside is still particularly vulnerable.

Frozenaut - Orbinauts that are assisted by Ice Jerks who replace their spike bombs with frozen spheres of sharp icicles that leave ice spikes on the ground after impact.

Burnaut - Orbinauts that are assisted by Flame Jerks who replace their spike bombs with fire balls that each leave a wave of flames along surfaces after being thrown.

Bugbear Shooter - While excelling in melee combat, the Bugbear isn’t so good against ranged targets; by teaming up with another bee-like enemy this weakness is replaced with a deadly strength.

Stone Crusher - When they both do what they do best in conjunction, the Burrobot and Cockatrice can be serious threat as the formers drills can break apart any stone statue heroes made by the latter.

Shield Skeleton - When wooden buckles aren’t enough for defence the Skeletons will grab Shield Attackers for greater protection and faster way of closing in on the enemy.

Bunby Hive - What appears to be a regular Bunby Tank can give heroes a nasty surprise upon revealing a hidden troop of Flying Gnomes that swarm their foes while being given missiles for back-up.

Scratch Tank - With some tampering by the nasty cats of Chrysalis Bunby Tanks are given a big boost of speed at the cost of manoeuvrability and survivability as they split off and explode quickly while the tinkerer jumps off for a surprise attack.

Swarm Pipi - When Copipis just don’t do the job, Pipis can instead have their eggs filled by Parasprites that can be left as long as the master wants while they multiply within before releasing them all at once.

Flaming Wolf - While usually very hardy, some ‘assistance’ from Flame Jerks can make Timberwolves a greater threat for a shorter amount of time as their fangs and claws become wreathed in flames, as does their anger become more ignited.

Re-Animate Knight - Describing this fusion is the same as describing a nightmare; Skeletons and Timberwolves, both near invincible and relentless can come together at first as like that of mounted knights, but any ‘defeat’ they experience brings rise to a newly shaped monster of greater terror.
Here are the many enemies found in the stages of Super Dream Party. I know that some of you might be disappointed by the lack of iconic mooks, but do understand that there's already a lot of enemies (team-ups included) and I don't feel like there should be any more than what's already there. Some of the team-ups are made to function in similar ways to enemies that didn't make the cut. Also as implied above, these aren't all the enemies and team-ups; the rest of them are will be hidden for the sake of the story, though in some cases it's mostly just so each of the five different enemy forces have an equal amount shown and hidden. Believe me when I say that trying to figure out who and what should be included was a long and arduous decision-making process. 

Now that this last part of the general gameplay section is finally done, I can move on to writing the main attraction for this idea concept: the story. How I will be writing up and posting the story will be detailed in a journal coming soon, but one thing to note now is that how the stages and boss battles will play out will be described and included in the story. Until then, take care everybody  

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo. 

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. 

Mega Man is owned by Capcom. 

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network. 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

All Original characters belong to me. 

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