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~ Tea Zyai-Han ~

Other Names/Nicknames: Her Benevolence (used by people who think highly of her)

Gender: Female

Race: Palno

Age: 86, Palno equivalent to the human age of close to 57

Place of Birth: Blossom Metropolis, Lonzeno-o

Appearance: - Gainsboro grey skin
- Long raven black hair that reaches down to waist, with two long locks flowing onto the shoulders; sometimes her hair is done up in a bun
- Eye colour is gold
- Serpentine mark on the underside of her mouth, as is common in the Zyai-Han bloodline
- Horn-ears go straight before branching off in two, with jade tassels hanging from them
- Tall build
- Either seen wearing formal suits and pants or beautiful dresses fit for royalty most of the time

Occupation: Empress of Lonzeno-o

History: Tea knew from a young age that there would be a lot expected from her, being the sole heir to the Zyai-Han bloodline that would govern all of Lonzeno-o. Her parents rarely allowed her to associate with anyone but her family and servants, and was explicitly told of her eventual responsibilities and that her life and how she would be treated by others would be very different to that of commonfolk. Tea accepted her fate, deciding that it wouldn’t be worth it to go against her parents’ wishes nor upset the tradition that was in place in Lonzeno-o for several centuries. The luxuries and privileges she had were ones she never forgot to be grateful of, even if after they stopped feeling particularly enjoyable, and she quickly got over the fact that the respect she garnered from the vast population were not from her own actual merit but because of her status, making all the praise she got feel more like obligation and therefore more hollow as a result. As for the more dubious parts of her family’s history, namely the grave betrayal of the Dragons by her distant and widely disowned ancestor, she doesn’t feel nearly as burdened as Earl Grey Grandyr, but still feels that one of her greatest duties is to show proper respect to the fallen race and to try amend her culture’s fractured relationships with the Fairies. Despite the great respect she has, Tea isn’t without her detractors. As other cultures have mingled with Lonzeno-o’s, the citizens have been more wanting for changes and outright removals of certain traditions in order to advance as a civilisation, of which include the independence of certain states from Lonzeno-o as well as a change in how leaders for the country are determined; namely in favour of a democratic election as opposed to the monarchic system in current place. While those same people have several detractors (mainly those who are more adherent to old traditions and hold the Zyai-Han in high regards), one of the biggest supporters for such changes in none other than Tea herself; she keeps her opinion silent however, knowing that it will divide her reputation and possibly her country further. For now, she’ll continue her to carry on the responsibilities her family always has, and continue to working towards she’s already set in place. The arrival of aliens has garnered a lot of attention from everyone in the world, and many Lonzeni-lnos are wondering what Tea’s response to this is. The Empress is still processing the ramifications of this events, and for now states that the main responsibilities and course of action should lie in the countries that have already agreed to keep them (i.e. Asterlagin and Garduriale). While she’s still trying to figure out how her own country will handle the situation, Tea is also trying to figure out what a strange new feeling she’s experiencing is; one that she can only describe as a presence that’s focused on her, but for what reason?

Relationships: - Jasmine Zyai-Han (Mother)
- Dew Zyai-Han (Father (deceased))
- Cordial Calfon (Political Ally)
- President Coffee Strarps (Political Ally)

Personality: It’s hard to tell what emotion Tea is expressing at any given moment, even with the way Palno biology works. Her perpetually neutral expression is one she’s practically mastered, and her reason for doing so is because of her ‘strictly business’ attitude. As most of her interactions with other people usually have some political purpose or other practical function, she’d rather get straight to the point and only discuss what needs to be discussed; she’ll express emotions when the situation is suitable enough, and she does liven up a bit at social gatherings. Because of her status as an Empress, she feels like she isn’t truly able to make any meaningful relationships in the same way regular people do; she believes that anyone that would attempt to be her friend or something more is purely because of the family she’s in. Tea doesn’t entirely believe that the people who do look up to her actually do it out of legitimate respect, and thinks they only do so out of obligation. Tea can come off as cold and an untrusting loner as a result, and it’s not helped by the part of her attitude that tells her that she is no place to complain about anything and to not be affected by whatever happens to her. Despite that, she is respected for several genuine qualities. She’s intelligent, respectful and benevolent, always seeking a way to benefit as many different types of people as she can and wanting to resolve conflicts in peaceful ways. For however distant she is to them, she does also care deeply for her nation’s people, and wishes to use all that she’s inherited in the best way possible for her country.

Likes: - Peace
- Good relations with other countries
- People going about their daily lives
- People falling asleep on the job from working so hard (or so she assumes)
- Piano music
- Traditional Lonzeno-o theatre and music
- Hot showers
- Meals that are small in size but have unique tastes and filling nonetheless
- Hot drinks from overseas
- Small birds
- Creative crafts made by imaginative children
- Smart wit
- Sunny afternoons after a cloudy morning
- People who are genuinely critical of her
- Seeing buildings finally finished after a long time
- People with eccentric personalities
- Change

Dislikes: - Manipulation
- People who only use violence to get what they want
- Disrespect towards other races or cultures
- Being called “Her Benevolence” (though she doesn’t say anything about it to make the people who do say it feel bad)
- People speaking for her
- Overly sweet food and drinks
- Action movies
- People trying to become her friend
- Dubstep
- Reptiles (though she doesn’t know why herself)
- Media portrayals of her country that are overly negative for incorrect reasons
- The less noble parts of her family history
- People going through extreme lengths to impress her
- Bodyguards that are too rough with people
- Anyone who jokes about making threats of any kind
- Cruise ships

Good Points: - Trustworthy
- Benevolent
- Intelligent
- Always striving to maintain peace and harmony
- Reasonable
- Open to different perspectives
- Treats everyone with respect and decency
- Calm
- Responsible
- Rarely gets angry
- Patient

Bad Points: - Cold
- Doesn’t open her heart to people
- Bottles up her emotions
- Complacent
- Lets the opinions of her family and larger population influence some of her decisions
- Will try to remain as uninvolved as she can in other nation’s conflicts
- Adheres to strongly to tradition (even the aspects she knows are outdated)
- Overly critical of media and celebrities

Hobbies: - Playing piano
- Origami
- Tennis
- Creating haikus
- Making small birds dance
- Tea Ceremonies
- Watching festivities from afar

Other: For some reason, Tea involuntary makes strange squeaks whenever she’s eating dried fruit, and assumes their so quiet that only she can hear since no one’s pointed it out. Several people can actually hear it, but don’t say anything about it either out of respect or in her parent’s case, because they think it’d be more amusing to let her keep doing that without knowing that others can hear.
The benevolent yet closed-off empress of Lonzeno-o and the character associated with mine/mountain zone of Super Dream Party; how so exactly will be revealed in the story. Like Seltzer, she wasn't in the original concepts and story, however for the sake of a major plot point she was introduced originally as a minor character, but because of the significance of the plot point I decided to expand her character more, which was similar to what happened with Seltzer. My main inspiration for her was Queen Himiko from Okami, although Tea's a lot less sociable and expressive. Trying to keep so many royal characters diverse seems to be a big challenge for me. 

Up next is the Head Master of the Fairy academy that Serata was once enrolled in, Sincel Naefim. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Tea Zyai-Han is owned by me. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega.

Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

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June 26, 2016