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~ Sincel Naefim ~

Other Names/Nicknames: None

Gender: Female

Race: Fairy

Age: 103, Fairy equivalent to the human age of 59

Place of Birth: Fiverose, Eastern region of Garduriale

Appearance: - Main fur colour is sangria red
- Furry chest to neck area is daffodil yellow
- Eye colour is teal
- Wing pattern has an overall colour scheme of a clear pond with green colours similar to lily pads near the top and colours of a water lily flower the bottom
- Mostly seen wearing formal robes and glasses with a neck cord made of beads

Occupation: Head Master of Naefim’s Academy of Magic and Sciences

History: Sincel was a very different person in her youth to who she is now. She saw her great aptitude and ability for magic as a way to get whatever she wanted with no one to stop her. Apart from several run-ins with enforcers in her land, she was also constantly getting chewed out by her parents for causing chaos. At first she didn’t care at all for any consequences, up until the point where after her mother confronted her while she was robbing houses with a gang of other teenage rebels, one of her ‘friends’ attacked her mother and broke her arm; Sincel immediately turned against the others and took her mother to the hospital, crying all the way there. Despite everything she did, Domatore forgave her daughter, and after owning up to her crimes and spending time in prison, Sincel sought to start a new type of life. She decided to use her great knowledge and skill for magic to teach others how to use magic for the great benefit of others as well and to use her own experiences to try keep them on the right path. She became a teacher at Codendro’s Academy of Magic and Sciences, and despite her history and reputation she grew to become a well-respected and distinguished teacher. It was there she also met her future husband Scambio Tulchime, who at the time was a substitute teacher that was visiting from Neiviric; she found his humour and adventurous personality endearing, and he couldn’t help but appreciate how down to earth she was. Life was taking a turn for the better, until the head master of the academy, Capo Codendro himself was found to be guilty of several crimes far worse than anything Sincel ever did as a teenager, all of which had gone unnoticed for decades. The entire teaching faculty in Fiverose and education systems amongst all Fairies where shaken by the revelation, but there were too many resources in the academy and too much to lose to shut it down, so the only other option to keep it going was to change the name, decidedly to whoever would take over as the head master. After much discussion, it was eventually decided by the Fiverose education council that Sincel would be appointed the head master, and the academy would from then on be Naefim’s Academy of Magic and Sciences; despite Sincel’s concerns that it would make her seem conceited or that the name would still raise concerns given her own past, it was found to be an acceptable change in the end. After years of continued relative peace, her world is shaken again with the arrival of aliens and all the implications it could raise for her and her people. Sincel tries to remain as uninvolved with any of the affairs regarding that as they seem to be mostly out of the way of Fairies in general, but she still has concerns over Serata choosing to associate with them after finding out from her parents that she’s been interacting with them; not too surprising to her given what she knew of her former student, but still troubling nonetheless.

Relationships: - Scambio Naefim (Husband)
- Saggio Naefim (Father)
- Domatore Naefim (Mother)
- Serata Lilibell (Former student)

Personality: As stated before, Sincel was a very ruthless and uncaring rebel in her teen years, taking whatever she wanted for no other reason than that she was able to. Thankfully she’s a much better person nowadays, as expected of someone with as high as a position as she has. Now Sincel is someone that both young students and older staff look up to for guidance. In most Fairy cultures, the relationship between students and teachers of any kind are more interpersonal, and it’s not uncommon to see them interacting with each other even outside of scholarly locations whether it be for tutoring, counselling or even just out of friendship. Sincel has a significant place in Fiverose as a result, and so she always does her best to be as supportive and wise in order to help others. She’ll be unquestionably attentive to any concerns someone may have and will try to resolve any problems within her ability, and will do whatever it takes to make sure someone is on the right path in life. However, her definition of what a right path is may not always be what others would be really happy with (this includes things that are actually harmless or more productive and valuable than she assumes), and she’s very firm on what she thinks is proper conduct and decision-making. Her desire to help others really only extends to her own race as well; Sincel distrusts Palnos and subtly discourages interaction with them, and she doesn’t have a very high opinion of the aliens so far.

Likes: - Teaching
- Students that are eager to learn
- Proper code and conduct being practiced
- Souvenirs brought back by her husband
- Vegetable stew
- Orange juice
- Romantic comedy films (mainly for comedy)
- Home improvement shows
- Country music
- Dogs
- Sunny days
- Having her say in major decisions of education being heard
- Seeing formerly bad students turn themselves around for the better
- Lakes and ponds
- Shy people opening up  
- A well-earned break or holiday
- Responsible use of magic

Dislikes: - Tardiness
- Disorder
- Students that come to her academy with no intention of learning anything
- Bribery
- Thinking about her past
- Pranks
- Soy milk
- Rap music
- Crude comedy films and shows
- Students having to be expelled or dropping out
- Storms
- Teachers abusing students
- Reckless use of magic
- Palnos (though she won’t say this out loud)
- People with no concrete and realistic aspirations in life
- Fluffy animals

Good Points: - Responsible
- Wise
- Caring
- Polite
- Supportive
- Forgiving
- Always places the wellbeing of her students and staff above all else
- Expert magic user
- Always willing to listen to a person’s side of the story no matter how she feels about them
- Is able to pick up on youth culture trends surprisingly fast
- Treats every problem any student or staff may have seriously no matter how small

Bad Points: - Control freak
- Can’t always keep her patience
- Strict
- Discouraging of creative career goals (she doesn’t believe there’s anything productive that can come from them)
- Xenophobic
- Isn’t willing to go out of her own way to help anyone not connected to her in some way
- Stubborn
- Raises her voice often even when she doesn’t need to

Abilities/Expertise: Powerful even in her youth, Sincel is one of the most magically capable Fairies in Garduriale, and just as greatly knowledgeable. Over her many years she’s been able to learn and cast a wide array of spells in every field, and is capable of things that even most adult Fairies usually aren’t capable of. Though it’s not nearly as applicable nowadays, she also has knowledge on how to deal with the now virtually extinct Aehl-Magi, able to subdue its chaotic and unstable nature. Being just a head master of an academy in a relatively peaceful Fairy sanctuary however she rarely ever has to use her powers for offensive purposes, but it’s rumoured by others in the area that she could take on entire Palno squadrons by herself (though of course this has yet to be proven in any way).

Hobbies: - Crossword puzzles
- Cycling
- Home redecorating
- Dog walking
- Camping
- Pottery
- Reading
The head master of the academy that Serata once attended, and the character associated with the forest/hills zone of Super Dream Party. In a way she was always going to be a part of the game, but the extent of her role and as a result her overall character changed quite a bit. Originally she was more of a general sage type without the more complicated backstory, but as a certain aspect of the story was significantly changed, her role didn't require her to be that so instead she was made as a teacher archetype; though the significance she has to the story is still pretty big. 

Up next is the final OC for Super Dream Party, Saiidi Qayimas, and while he may be the last he certainly isn't the least, as he has a special role filled by only a few others that I'll go into greater depth to when we get to him. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Sincel Naefim is owned by me. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega.

Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

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June 28, 2016