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~ Saiidi Qayimas ~

Other Names/Nicknames: SAI-QA (stage name he chose for himself)

Gender: Male

Race: Palno

Age: 39, Palno equivalent to the human age of 26

Place of Birth: Tessellation Capital, Sihramel

Appearance: - Dim grey skin
- Medium length dark brown hair that’s slicked back at near the bottom
- Eye colour is amber
- Short beard the same colour as his hair
- Necklace depicting a majestic bird given to him on his 20th birthday
- Horn-ears curve inwards slightly at start and continue in a serpent-like pattern
- Average build
- Usually seen wearing shirts with band names and logos on them and shorts, though sometimes he wears baggy pants and a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up

Occupation: Currently unemployed, spends most of his time travelling and exploring; trying to get a job as a DJ

History: The Qayimas family comes from a lineage once known as the Masharri family, who from ancient to feudal times where well known throughout Sihramel and its connected lands as traders and merchants that would travel through many regions; selling, buying, exchanging goods of all kinds from different cultures, and were no slouches in combat either. In modern times the Qayimas family themselves aren’t ones that travel much, but Silkvel Inc., the company started by them and currently co-managed, have locations set up on almost every country in Arcobaln that include antique shops, art galleries, auction houses and home decoration stores. Despite such history and business being the reason for Saiidi’s upbringing in a wealthy home, he was never really interested in any of that; though he did like the idea of travelling to different countries. So much so that he would sneak on planes with his father when he would go on business trips as a child and go sightseeing, which brought no joy to Karkadeh when he would find out about that. One day as a kid he was coming home from an errand to pick up some groceries (he didn’t actually need to since his family could have sent out a maid to get them, but it was Koshary who made him do it just to get him out of the house) when he heard music like he’d never heard before coming from a lively house. Curiosity taking over, Saiidi went into the house where the partygoers let him in just because they liked company of any kind, and it was where the young boy discovered all kinds of unique music and the art of the DJ. From that point onward Saiidi knew he wanted to become involved with that when he was older. Later on, Saiidi decided that since he was old enough to get his own place and travel overseas without permission or supervision that he should go visit different night clubs in different parts of the world to get inspiration and a mix of different ideas and concepts to incorporate into his own work, hoping to one day become a famous DJ artist to inspire others like he was himself. His father was willing to loan him money for those things to a certain limit, until he found out what he was trying to become. Both him and Koshary berated Saiidi, telling him that his surname has a better reputation than that and that he should look into getting a ‘real’ job. Saiidi ended up having trouble paying rent for his apartment from not being able to get part-time anywhere (not from lack of trying though), but thankfully his cool uncle Oolong let him stay at his place. There he was also taught how to defend himself using Lonzeno-o style fighting techniques and weapons in case his future DJ career (which Oolong was much more supportive of) ever caused him to meet some more unruly patrons. Saiidi was still in the middle of job-searching when the dimensional crossover happened, and after finding out about the existence of aliens was absolutely hooked on any new information about them that he could find. He thought the Super Dream Party in particular were really cool and started wondering what it’d be like to hang out with guys like them. With some encouragement from Oolong, Saiidi set out to find and meet them and perhaps go on some adventures he thought he’d never have.

Relationships: - Karkadeh Qayimas (Father)
- Tamr Qayimas (Mother)
- Koshary Qayimas (Older brother)
- Oolong Qayimas (Uncle, half-brother of Karkadeh)
- Sharbat Ketihar (Girlfriend)
- The Super Dream Party (New friends!)

Personality: As upbeat as the music he’s into, Saiidi is a positive and friendly guy that wakes up every morning excited for what’s to come, even if he has worries and deadlines of his own. Always ready to go to new places, meet new people and discover the latest technology and games, Saiidi lets curiosity guide his direction without question even if he already has something on and is perfectly fine with dealing with any consequences later. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make people smile, even those he’s only met seconds ago, and is willing to listen to what they have to say, support them if they’re going through a rough time, stand up for them if people are giving them trouble and try his best to show them a good time. Saiidi comes off as someone very trustworthy, and for the most part that’s true; he cares about the wellbeing of others a ton, sometimes even more than his own. Unfortunately he’s also pretty irresponsible and doesn’t always think straight all the time. He’s not stupid by any means, but he has a tendency to forget responsibilities and obligations, including job interviews and dates with his girlfriend (the consequence of this one he isn’t as willing to put up with), and whenever he’s called out on it he’ll try to make some excuse; not exactly lying, just some alternate phrasing of what he’s been up to and maybe skipping a few details. He’s also a bit too trusting, and thinks that people inherently have good intentions; an endearing quality, but this can lead him to being ordered to do stuff by people with less than favourable intentions. Regardless, Saiidi is someone who is glad to be anyone’s friend, and if you’re the type that can handle overly enthusiastic people than you’ll like him a lot as well.

Likes: - Adventure and exploring
- Making new friends
- Various kinds of music (mainly techno)
- Absurdist comedy films and shows
- Cartoons
- Finding new ways to get to places
- Video games
- Social media
- People who know how to have a good time
- DJing
- Raves
- Fast food and Soft drinks
- Aliens
- His uncle Oolong
- Frogs
- Thunder and lightning
- Genuineness

Dislikes: - Getting berated by his father and brother for not having a job
- Unfair expectations
- Pretentiousness
- His girlfriend getting clingy or mad at him
- Power outages
- People that aren’t willing to expand their minds
- Sour foods and drinks
- Songs that are way too sad
- Movies that have too much talking
- Video games that don’t have smooth controls
- Seeing no one help others in need
- Getting yelled at
- Abusive people online
- Sitting around doing nothing
- Anti-alien propaganda and movements
- Authorities that abuse their power

Good Points: - Friendly
- Energetic
- Positive
- Kind-hearted
- Enthusiastic
- Open-minded
- Does his best to cheer people up
- Supportive
- Skilled fighter and adventurer
- Honest and trustworthy
- Brave

Bad Points: - Reckless
- Doesn’t always take accountability for his actions
- Somewhat irresponsible
- Kind of airheaded
- Tends to misinterpret questions and orders
- Gullible
- Puts too much faith into things working out how he expects them to
- Procrastinates a lot

Abilities/Expertise: Thanks to some training from his uncle Oolong (who in turn derived his style from a combination of actual fighting styles and stuff seen in old action and kung-fu movies), Saiidi is great with close range combat, utilizing fast punches and kicks in addition to stylish manoeuvres (which may or may not be necessary or practical) to take down any nasty dudes coming his way. He’s also good at implementing parkour into his fighting style, taking advantage of the environment around him to strike from different directions. Finally, Oolong gave him a unique nunchaku that’s said to be made of the mythical Vajranium, a material said to be as tough as diamonds and as powerful as a lightning bolt; it was something Oolong got for free because the owner thought it was a piece of junk (and he agrees), but told Saiidi that story because he knew he’d believe him and be motivated enough to still fight well with them.

Hobbies: - Video games
- DJing and remixing songs
- Parkour
- Sparring
- Purposefully getting himself lost in unfamiliar places
- Dancing
- Stuffing his mouth with as much food as he can (trying to go for a record)
The final OC for Super Dream Party's story that is associated with the desert zone. It's nice to have a more positive character after the last few, and I really do like this one. I hope he's well received by other people as well. It's worth noting that out of all the allies the heroes meet that are from Arcobaln, Saiidi is the only one who helps them out not out of obligation or orders, but purely because he wants to be friends with them because they seem cool. If he reminds you of Rashid, well I'm kinda glad because that's what I would eventually want him to be like, but just as with 'Nade and Cola he was a character concept I thought up back in like 2014, so it really is a coincidence. 

This character is also important not just in the sense of the story, but also gameplay. Saiidi, alongside 'Nade and Cola Grigens, and Latte and Espresso Grandyr are all assist characters that in the story mode of SDP show up in certain stages to help out the main heroes; in free play modes any assist character can be chosen for any stage. Of course the main heroes friends pitch in as well, with four characters from each of the franchises pitching in to help out, making for a total of 25 assist characters. How exactly the assist mechanic will work in a platform game will be touched on in the updated gameplay info that's up next. Serata will also be playing a significant gameplay role, but it's a bit different to the assist mechanic; it will also be talked about next. 

It's finally nice to have these all done; thinking and writing up individual backstories and personalities can be a bit fun, but it's also kind of a chore. I'm glad it's finally done though, 'cause now we can get to the more interesting parts; hopefully the new changes to gameplay will make the fanfic idea seem more interesting. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Saiidi Qayimas is owned by me. 

Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega.

Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

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June 29, 2016