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~ Kvass Ostav ~

Other Names/Nicknames: One that his wife used to call him that he won’t let anyone else know

Gender: Male

Race: Palno

Age: 96, Palno equivalent to the human age of 64

Place of Birth: Ancrstof, Western region of Xycrynn

Appearance: - Graphite grey skin
- Short brown hair with greying areas
- Eye colour is dark brown
- Sharp angular ridges on end of cheekbones
- Horn-ears go straight with the ends splitting in three
- Slightly big build
- Only ever seen wearing professional attire

Occupation: Curator of the Mark-Stone Museum

History: Of the two twin brothers in the Ostav household, Kvass was always the calmer and collected one while his brother Chifir was more adventurous and spontaneous. While Chifir would take any opportunity he could as a child to wonder off and explore on his own, Kvass stayed around libraries and anywhere that had a good amount of literature. The truth was that both of them found their regular life mundane and easily became bored of their daily routines, and sought to escape the tedium in different ways; Chifir through going to new places and Kvass by getting absorbed into books on the histories of many nations and cultures. Having come to learn to value all the things in the past and how it can influence the future, Kvass decided to become a curator so that he can share those same values. Eventually he would find employment at the Mark-Stone Museum back in its earlier, smaller days where he would continue to work to this day, albeit with different duties and responsibilities. He was in an environment that was very well suited to his interests and got along with others just fine, but as time went on the monotony of routines caught up to him once again, and soon he fell into a rut. He didn’t let it get to him too much, but upon finding out about it one of his co-workers suggested he try dating. Kvass refused, believing it to be trivial and not for him, however it turned that he’d already been scheduled and set up by that co-worker; not having much of a choice other than to appear rude, he reluctantly went through with it. The person he went to dinner with was someone he assumed would have been picked for having a similar, reserved personality, but instead Samovar Gorchka turned out to be almost his opposite. Exuberant, energetic, not one to dwell in the past nor think too hard on what may come in the future, she was the last person Kvass thought he would ever want to spend the rest of his days with. After giving an answer that Samovar misinterpreted as a promise for another date rather than the polite rejection it was intended to be, Kvass ended up being roped into more activities with her. Overtime he began to look forward to the time spent with her, never knowing what to expect from her, and eventually he admitted to himself that he had feelings for her. They both got married and lived happily for many decades, until Samovar was struck with a rare and incurable illness. Her last words to Kvass where wishes for him to be able to find peace and happiness in his life even without her; he has yet to make due on those wishes. No longer in constant despair, now Kvass is just distant; only regarding others when his job wills it so and spending his spare time alone reading books he’s read several times over. Not even the presence of aliens and the potential lore he can discover is enough to snap him out of his shelter.

Relationships: - Tarhun Ostav (Father (deceased))
- Mors Ostav (Mother) (deceased))
- Chifir Ostav (Twin brother)
- Samovar Ostav (Wife (deceased))

Personality: To put it simply, if you were to see Ostav standing perfectly still at the end of a row of statues in Mark-Stone Museum (which is the only place you’ll ever really see him), the only way you’d be able to tell the difference is because he doesn’t appear to be made of stone. It’s not known whether he dislikes social interaction or is just indifferent to people in general, but either way he only ever talks to or acknowledges people if they have any questions about the museum, and even then he’ll only do things such as give directions rather than go into any great detail over any of the exhibits. If it weren’t for the other staff at the museum it would probably gain a reputation for having poor service. According to the few people that have known him for a longer time, he used to be more outgoing and positive, but ever since the passing of his wife he’s become distant from everyone. Any attempts on becoming friends or even just acquaintances with him is almost always guaranteed to end in flat rejection, and if you pester him for long enough he’ll get irritated or possibly even angry (which is not shown on his face but still very felt). Despite his overly cold demeanour, he still at least makes the effort to be polite and helpful whenever he can, and warms up ever so slightly whenever children enquire him about any of the exhibits or on history in general. Though he appears perpetually ambivalent, he’s still not over his loss, despite every attempt his friends and co-workers make.

Likes: - Quiet
- History
- Being alone
- Things being placed in an appropriate order (e.g. chronologically)
- Piano music
- Silent films
- Soup
- Hot cocoa
- Owls
- Seeing history repeat itself in good or amusing ways
- Breaks from routine (though he doesn’t show it off as often now)
- Cloudy days
- Co-operative people
- Children eager to learn
- Gardens
- Books
- Reminiscing good memories

Dislikes: - Loud noises
- Rude people
- Adolescents
- Annoying people
- Keeping contact with family and friends
- Salty food
- Sugary drinks
- Popular movies
- Songs with meaningless lyrics
- Dogs
- People disrespecting exhibits and literature
- Monotony
- Being told to cheer up
- His house
- Unstable ladders
- Litter

Good Points: - Knowledgeable
- Polite
- Patient
- Helpful
- Good with children
- Respectful
- Professional
- Good eye for detail
- Calm
- Cultured
- Believes everyone can still maintain their dignity

Bad Points: - Cold
- Dismissive
- Won’t let others help him
- Tends to ignore people
- Antisocial
- Condescending
- Stubborn
- Opinionated

Hobbies: - Rearranging shelves
- Reading
- Walking
- Origami
- Gardening
- Stargazing
- Cleaning
Presenting this sad old sack of a man and the character associated with the museum zone of Super Dream Party. Dude's been through a bit and he doesn't care for much anymore. His place of origin, Xycrynn (haven't figured out how it's pronounced) is basically the Arcobaln equivalent of Russia. 

Up next is the current Empress of Lonzeno-o, Tea Zyai-Han. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Kvass Ostav is owned by me. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega.

Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

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Submitted on
June 24, 2016