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~ Ginseng Leenum ~

Other Names/Nicknames: None

Gender: Male

Race: Palno

Age: 49, Palno equivalent to the human age of close to 33

Place of Birth: Blossom Metropolis, Lonzeno-o

Appearance: - Seed pearl grey skin
- Long black hair with streaks of lapis blue and emerald green that has a loop near the bottom that somehow never goes away
- Eye colour is blue
- Slender and smooth face even by Palno standards
- Horn-ears have a slight vertical wave
- Tall slender build
- Wears appropriate lab coats and other attire while on duty, but otherwise wears fashionable clothing, especially bell bottom jeans

Occupation: Head Scientist for Collaborative Nations Institute of Science and Investigation (CNISI)

History: From the day he was born Ginseng was always curious, always looking for new things to discover and explore. Of course this trait was one his parents found endearing at first, but as he grew up to be more capable of different actions on his own accord they found his curious habits could get a bit out of hand. They decided that they really should do something about it after Ginseng (still just a small child) manage to start a fire with materials that were otherwise not usually flammable. When asked why he did it, the oblivious boy simply stated that he wanted to see what happened. His parents came to realize that his curious nature may possibly lead to a career choice in science, and were more than happy to encourage him on that path; they just wanted make sure it was clear to him that not all curious urges should immediately be followed, especially if the consequences aren’t entirely known. Ginseng was easily able to make it into a highly esteemed university when he was older, and became well-known on campus not just for his scientific aptitude but also his flamboyant personality and seemingly ever changing fashion sense, as well as his affectionate gestures towards his friends or just anyone he liked in general; these traits made him notable and popular with most people, but others detested him either for supposedly being a show-off of his skills (despite him actually being reasonably humble in that area) or for not behaving how they think a man should. An opportunity was given to Ginseng to join a team of researchers to travel to the Kultn Jungle in Paorqevu to investigate a previously unexplored cave, which he accepted despite having slight fears of homesickness, never having left his home country before. Upon seeing what was inside the cave itself however, he was awe-stricken by how beautiful it was and how fascinating the diverse lifeforms, even to the point of almost forgetting to actually research them. Ever since then, Ginseng has dedicated his scientific career not just to discovering new reactions and compounds for practical use but also the conservation and restoration of natural areas such as the Kultn Jungle. As with almost everyone on the entire planet, Ginseng was very curious about the strange beings that came from different dimensions, and was more than happy not just to research them, but also to befriend and help them out in any way he can.

Relationships: - Goji Leenum (Father)
- Gingko Leenum (Mother)
- Ginger Leenum (Younger sister)
- Seltzer Pamiren (Acquaintance from CNISI)

Personality: Ginseng is a lot peppier and perpetually happy than most scientists, and he wakes up most of the time looking forward to whatever’s in store for the day. He’s always excited to discover new things, a motivation that alongside his scientific knowledge has helped him greatly in his occupation. Ginseng has a love for fashions of all different types, switching to new styles almost daily; in addition to a fondness for nature and unique species and areas, which are his only exception to his intensive prodding for research. He’s also the type of guy that likes to make friends with anyone that seems nice, and usually treats them with affectionate gestures and nicknames; he can be a bit much at times, but he does mean well. Apart from his forgetfulness of the value of personal space, Ginseng is also seen with contentious regard from his colleagues with just how far his curiosity can be, and are sometimes disturbed with how focused he can be and what lengths he’ll go to in order to fully understand something. Even still, Ginseng is reliable not just as a scientist but also as a friend, and if there’s anything he dislikes most it’s seeing people upset, which he will do anything he can to alleviate.

Likes: - Science!
- Making new friends
- Latest fashion trends
- Unique lifeforms
- Affection
- People with a good laugh
- Rice dishes with fruit
- Sweet tea
- Jazz music
- Social media
- Video games
- Comedy shows
- Cats (Arcobaln equivalent)
- Helping people out
- Discovering new chemical reactions or compounds
- A good office space
- Cloudy days that aren’t too windy

Dislikes: - People who are stuck up with old traditions
- Bureaucrats
- People trying to manage things outside of their professions
- Pollution
- Poaching
- Environmental and animal rights activists that use dubious means
- Being told to act more manly
- Creases
- Bitter drinks
- Meat that’s burnt crispy
- Super hero movies
- Hardcore metal songs
- Accidentally upsetting someone
- People that aren’t willing to make time for their loved ones
- Delinquents
- Heavy wind

Good Points: - Enthusiastic
- Friendly
- Kind-hearted
- Intelligent
- Caring
- Good fashion sense
- Able to mix sincerity with joking around well
- Can be serious whenever necessary
- Confident
- Won’t let someone go without telling him why they’re not happy
- Always willing to make up for his mistakes

Bad Points: - Sometimes too enthusiastic
- Can sometimes either be too easily distracted or too focused on something for anything else
- Can be forgetful of people’s personal space
- And to not let his curiosity get the better of him
- Tends to designate himself as someone to solve any problem someone has, even if he actually isn’t the right person to do so
- Occasionally willing to do dangerous things for the sake of research
- Tends to ramble on about subjects
- Wasteful of clothes

Hobbies: - Cooking
- Dancing
- Science experiments of his own
- Hiking
- Swimming
- Sewing
- Redecorating
The flamboyant and friendly scientist of whom is associated with the jungle zone of Super Dream Party. The best way to think of Ginseng is as a more expressive version of Noriaki Kakyoin. He's one of my favorite character concepts so far and I hope he gets well received, but I suppose once the story is done and presented then his character can really be judged. 

Up next is the stoic and quiet museum curator, Kvass Ostav. Until then, take care everybody <3 

Ginseng Leenum is owned by me. 

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Mega Man is owned by Capcom.

Adventure Time is owned by Cartoon Network.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro. 

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Submitted on
June 17, 2016